Sonkwo 720 Summer Sale is Coming! We have some exclusive COUPONS for you. PC 


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Jul 15, 2020
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Hey guys, this is Sonkwo. Nice to meet you. First, we have a Sonkwo Coupon Code for you~
When purchasing game at Sonkwo, redeem the coupon code to get₱60 off on purchase of₱150 or over. The quantity is limited, first come, first served~ Sonkwo Summer Sale is beginning now. Use the coupon to have extra discount.

Maybe, you are confused about Sonkwo. Doubting if Sonkwo is safe to buy games? We anticipated that and here is the Q&A part.

Q. What is Sonkwo?
A. Sonkwo is a digital game portal deliver game keys for hardcore gamers. Started in Jan. 2013 in China Mainland, Sonkwo has established cooperative relationships with hundreds of studios. Thousands of games have been officially started to sale at Sonkwo.
Q. What’s about the thousands of games at Sonkwo? Are those games safe to buy?
A. Sonkwo has reached cooperation agreements with a number of video game publishers and producers, including 2K, Rockstar, and 505 Games. Such as Borderlands, Red Dead Redemption 2, NBA 2K20 are all available at Sonkwo. All games sold at Sonkwo are obtained directly from publishers and developers, and they are absolutely formal and guaranteed.
Q. Which platforms can I redeem the code purchased at Sonkwo
A. The keys you purchased at Sonkwo can be used in multiple platform like Steam or Epic, depending on what version you bought.
Now, you should have a clear understanding of Sonkwo. But before you go shopping on Sonkwo, on more thing I think you'd better know —— how to use the coupon code mentioned at first of this post.

Step 1. Open the Sonkwo website and click ‘exchange coupon’ when you are in the cart
Step 2. Enter the coupon code in the pop-up window
Step 3. Verify and redeem the code
And then the coupon will be successfully redeemed.

Now, you can go to Sonkwo ( and buy whatever you want.