Sony invests in Epic Games, big collaborations in the future?

We all know that the tech and gaming giants are something to behold in this day and age. Through their products, they have revolutionized our experiences than ever before. Sony with their PlayStation gaming console has been a mainstay in the gaming world for those who decided that console gaming is the preferred way to play their games, meanwhile Epic Games have made rounds from its "Gears of War" and "Fortnite" which the latter is still getting some love and its popularity as a Battle Royale Game is still high until today. But let's not forget that Epic Games also handles Unreal Engine, one of the game engines that make outstanding graphics and overall great games. And when these two collide, you know it's about to go down.

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Down in a good thing though, as Sony has invested in Epic Games a staggering $250 million and made themselves a minority stakeholder in the company. This is touted as a strategic move to both firms which they agreed upon. In an article in CNBC, Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida said that

Epic’s powerful technology in areas such as graphics places them at the forefront of game engine development with Unreal Engine and other innovations, There’s no better example of this than the revolutionary entertainment experience, Fortnite. Through our investment, we will explore opportunities for further collaboration with Epic to delight and bring value to consumers and the industry at large, not only in games, but also across the rapidly evolving digital entertainment landscape.

This deal is very interesting because not only Epic is backed by Sony, it is also backed by Tencent, a Chinese firm which has a lot of hold in the video game community. Epic seems to be gaining the upper hand with these backings, may lead them to create interesting things in the future. With Sony also having ties to Epic Games now, it is interesting what will unfold in their deals, maybe old PlayStation exclusive get to PC via Epic Game Store? Or maybe we can see collaboration with PS4 exclusive games with Fortnite? Either way, the future is bright for these companies to expand their reach as more people get to play video games more.

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What are your thoughts about Sony investing a huge amount in Epic Games? Personally it is intriguing as both companies are huge in their respective areas, Epic in the PC and Game Development side of things while Sony is on the console side of gaming as they own one of the big consoles which is the PlayStation, like I said earlier, we can suspect future collaborations and I can't wait if they do and what they have in store for us! Tell us in the comments below!


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Mar 26, 2020
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It's great to see an entertainment giant investing in Epic. And I didn't know that Gears of War was a title developed by Epic.