Soul Worker Academia, newest game in the Soul Worker Franchise, sets up Local CBT on September 7!

If you have a good game at the start, why not make a mobile spin-off, that's the common trend nowadays, see how far it will go! That line is usually the method of the developers who have established games that had a great reception outside the mobile market. Hoping to catch the attention of the fans with their mobile counterparts, they make their own mobile game to get more revenue from what they got, while fans have their own new content to enjoy, sounds like a win-win scenario. But that's enough speculation as we have another game that will be releasing soon, which is Soul Worker Academia!

Soul Worker Academia a.png

You probably heard about Soul Worker as it has been covered by one of my colleagues here, but let me give you a refresher. Soul Worker is a game made by Lion Games which is an MMORPG that has a moderate to high following that features combos and an anime-aesthetics, another thing worth noting that is you need to have precise timing and actions to do certain things which definitely makes it interesting for some players here, while the game in Steam is not available in our region, you can play it via their official website if you want to try it out.

There has been another mobile game which is Soul Worker: Anime Legends but that's a different game from Academia. While other details have not yet released by the developers, there are signs that it will not be the same RPG that you see in the mobile version. But the wait to see what it contains will not that much as September 7 will feature its closed beta test in South Korea, if you're excited about it, just anticipate the future details it entails.

Soul Worker Academia b.jpg

The game will be published by YJM Games which is a huge publisher in South Korea, with this in mind maybe they'll focus on the region first? But still, wait and hope as it has a following outside of the country, fans might get a chance to play it via a global version of a language option. But all of these are just speculations until further announcements are made.

Still, what are your thoughts regarding a new Soul Worker game in the making, tell us in the comments below!