South Korean Publisher Joycity Proudly Announced Their New Set Of Games

Last August 26, the renowned game publisher, Joycity, proudly announced that they'll release five new mobile games and introduce them all on September 3rd. According to the report, it seems that Joycity is targeting the SLG (Simulated Life Game) genre market even with their single addition of possible gacha RPG, Project M.


The list of their new games includes The King of Fighters Street War, Crossfire: Warzone, Tera: Endless War, Project Neo, and Project M. While their images don't particularly suggest the SLG genre, believe me, they are. So, let's get into the details of each game.

Crossfire Warzone.jpg

Let's start with what's available already. Crossfire: Warzone is a modern warfare strategy game based on the original online FPS Crossfire IP we used to love. If you prefer watching as you command, upgrade, train, and create a battle plan rather than shooting the enemies by yourself, then this is perfect for you.

It's been up in the market for some time so you might as well check it out and give it a try. With that being said, here's the link to Google Play Store.

Tera Endless War.jpg

Here's another game from another classic. Inspired by the popular MMORPG Tera, Tera: Endless War is another SLG from Joycity. The design and gameplay are strange due to its form and combination. It's like a combination of Hexonia and Clash of Kings with a few sprinkles of gacha salts due to its collectibles.

This, too, is already up in the market last June 16. You can check it out in Google Play Store.

The King of FIghters Street War.jpg

Joycity loves classic games, don't they? Here's another classic title that turned into SLG. To be exact, The King of FIghters: Street War is an MMO-SLG, which is far from what it came from - fighting. The Korean studio behind Tera: Endless War, NDREAM, is also the team behind this game.

Who would've thought that these popular MMO and Fighting game titles could turn into a simulation? According to their description, this is a "spin-off war game" based on the King of Fighters. Its launch date is set in 2021.

Project NEO.jpg

Now, we're looking at one of Mojito Games' literal project. Mojito Games is a subsidiary of Joycity and the team behind the popular title Game of Dice. I don't know what's going on with Joycity's current obsession from the SLG genre, but this is game is included. This, and Project M, revolves in the aspect of beautiful anime girls.

I don't want to judge it, but Mojito Games is known for their great animations but not specifically in this genre. But, we'll see. It's still under development with a probability of soft-launch this year.

Project M.jpg

This is something to look forward especially for the current Arknights players. This is Mojito Games' second project which is also centered on beautiful anime girls, Project M. This breaks the straight set of upcoming SLG from Joycity. Based on its description, it's safe to say that it will be under the gacha RPG genre.

This game is expected to enter its soft and official launch next year. I'm a fan of gacha's saltiness, so I'm interested in what this game can offer.

Bless Mobile.png

Well, this isn't part of the list, but I think it deserves even a little attention since it's still one of Joycity's game. Released last April in some regions and August 19 here in the Philippines, Bless Mobile is also a revived title. I was once fascinated by its great animation and gameplay built from Unreal Engine 4. In the end, I felt that the game was too clunky for my personal taste.

But, it's just me. You may still find it interesting especially for fans of this fantasy RPG genre (except that this one has an auto-battle system). It's available in Google Play Store so why not give it a try.

This is the list of games that Joycity is trying to showcase and focus on until next year. They made a good job on their popular titles of Game of Dice and Warship Battle for the past years. So, these games might be good too. And if they were, let's all hope that they'll last for a long time. Unlike other games that we enjoyed, and now they're gone.

What do you think of the games on the list? Which of those games are you looking forward to playing? Tell us your thoughts below.