Southeast Asia Dominates in "Pentaboom", a New Wild Rift Film iOS Android 

We know that Wild Rift will come inevitably and we know it will cause a big spark to a lot of players not only in the Philippines but to the whole mobile gaming community as a whole. I mean, when you have one of the biggest MOBA games in the market will create a mobile game that is already established in the PC market, you better bet that the mobile players are excited to get on it. But the SEA got it first, and they are first to showcase it. Ingame and in-film!


Enter PENTABOOM!, a short clip published by the official page of Wild Rift on YouTube. Pentaboom is a promotion of the Open Beta that is happening right now in the SEA and the other countries in Asia of Wild Rift. From here, you can see various famous celebrities whether internet-based or otherwise. Such as Alodia Gosiengfiao, JessNoLimit from Indonesia, Thailand's ZBingZ, Vietnam's Do Mixi, Malaysia's SoloZ, Taiwan's Bebe, and finally Singapore's JianHao Tan, Daniel Ron, and Sylvia Chan.

The video's title originated on the Ezreal's play shown in the first seconds of the video where his ultimate killed 5 enemies in a short amount of time, usually called Pentakill in the game, but why not add a BOOM! Thus. it caused the popularity to rise as it spreads throughout SEA, well at least in the video. It has a nice touch in which Riot Game's general manager for Southeast Asia, Macau, and Taiwan, Justin Hulog tells IGN that since the open beta started at SEA, they wanted to celebrate it and tell that it has brought the SEA community closer than ever. Well, Justin, it always has been.

Pentaboom a.png

There are neat touches in the video that I would like to commend, from the karaoke which symbolizes the Filipino's love for singing, Indonesia's lovely art, and boba tea. nasi lemak from Malaysia and a lot more which you can see for yourself if you wish to discover them one by one.

Pentaboom b.png

Some criticized the ad to be a little bit cringy and the first trailer was better than the first, but what the heck, it's all in good fun, and what matters is that they honor SEA for doing so. Let them be though and just appreciate this. I am raring to go back to playing Wild Rift and attain my own "Pentaboom!" moment, are you planning to do so too? Tell us in the comments and join the Wild Rift community now!