Special Force 2 The ESL Pro S.K.I.L.L League Tournament Season 2

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    The ESL Pro League S.K.I.L.L Tournament Season 2 hits over €28,329.70 Price pool!
    The Pro League Orgelboxes have now been removed from the capsule market as part of the last Update. As a result, the final amount of prize money for the second season of the ESL Pro League is, thanks to your generous support.

    More than €12,000 will be waiting for the champions of the final in Cologne!

    As you can see in the prize money distribution here, more than €12,000 awaits the winning team of the ESL S.K.I.L.L. Pro League!

    Semis and finals in the ESL TV Studio

    Thanks to the support of paysafecard, this year 4 teams will go through the ESL TV studio experience: EURONICS Gaming, Planetkey Dynamics, 31337 eSports and PENTA Sports.

    The two semi-final match ups are:

    • EURONICS Gaming versus 31337 eSports
    • Planetkey Dynamics versus PENTA Sports
    Come watch in the stream

    The live stream starts at 14:00 CET on tv.eslgaming.com. Commentary will be provided by the dynamic duo of Lauren 'Pansy' Scott and Alex 'Machine' Richardson.

    Tickets still available

    There are still some tickets available, both for presales as well as on the door. Click here to secure yours now.
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