Special Force M Is The Big Comeback of First Generation FPS For Android

"It's almost done so get ready to fire in the hole!"

Those are the words of the game developer Dragonfly on the official FB page of Special Force: Globe as they prepare for the return of one of their classic FPS in PC into a portable mobile platform. Special Force M will be launching anytime soon for Android as the developer themselves announced that it's actually ready now.

Special Force M.png

Special Force has a long history in Asia region starting its early days in 2014 which it speedily climb the ranks of FPS supremacy which later on, it managed to penetrate even the game markets of Russia. It boasts of solid and tight gameplay that offers no holds barred gunfight challenge for every player with its wide range of game modes (among those popular is Horror Mode), realistic weapons and even the chance to play soldiers from real-life groups such as the US Delta Force and German GSG 9.

Now after experiencing some shutdown in regions that once it conquered, Special Force is undeniably on its way for a huge comeback although now it will pit itself against mobile FPS that are already established themselves like PUBG and the most famous which is Call of Duty: Mobile. Though some might miss it; Special Force M has already opened its trial game last month of April to a limited number of players to gather more feedback to improve the game particularly in the graphics and gameplay department.

Perhaps due to the pandemic, it's supposed launched on July 21 was moved to another date but the developers were already clear that the game is ready now and the new launching date will be announced very soon.

Special Force M b.jpg

There are no juicy details yet as to what are the unique features of Special Force M or if its also jump into the trends of Battle Royale genre but its gameplay video seems to show that it will stick to the tried and tested formula of first-gen FPS. It does have the same vibes of Call of Duty as we watched the gameplay but we are still looking forward to what other new things it can bring to the table that will also help it to achieve the same status it has on PC.

Special Force M will begin its release first on Thailand and Philippine before it sets it to foot in the global arena. Stay tuned here at Pinoygamer for updates and reviews for this much-anticipated comeback of the hit FPS that many regions by storm.