Special Force M: Remastered Official Launch Is Coming To Four Selected Countries Android 

The official launch of Dragonfly's Special Force M: Remastered is just right around the corner and 4 selected countries will be able to try it out soon! How soon? Mark your calendars on November 4th and make sure that you have pre-registered to claim your awesome rewards as soon as it comes out.

Special Force M Remastered a.jpg

For those who don't know, Special Force was one of the old school competitive FPS games even I used to play. Well, not for long, since Crossfire took over the SEA region after some time. But, it's good to see another classic getting revived on mobile platforms. As for the selected countries I mentioned earlier, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand are the first to get it by November 4.

Special Force M Remastered b.jpg

Here comes the bad news tho. It's ONLY for Android users and there's currently no news on when will iOS get it or if they ever will. I don't know the developer's plan yet, but honestly speaking, this ain't looking good for now.

The game is pretty smooth based on the video they uploaded on their official Facebook page. It was during the CBT period, so it's safe to say that the game is more optimized now that it's nearing its official launch. So, to save your time trying to find it, I linked it here already. Enjoy!

I'm not sure of what device is being used but I hope it won't really require heavy specifications just to run the game that smoothly. The game's fan base is still solid with thousands of players actively waiting for its release. Although it doesn't have the same hype as the recent popular titles such as Genshin, the numbers are still relevant.

Special Force M Remastered c.jpg

Now, for the pre-registration reward details that you're looking for, here it is. According to their official page, the pre-registration rewards consist of permanent and temporary sets. For the permanent set, players will receive M4A1, G36C, PSG-1, BERETTA, and M945. As for the temporary set, players will receive VIPER Equip & Parts, PKG, Holy Bless. Quick Weapon Change, and Double UP.

Special Force M Remastered d.jpg

The UI is simple and easy to understand. For pro players of PUBG and other mobile shooting games who use multiple fingers instead of just their two thumbs, this might be just a piece of cake. Classic SF maps such as Desert Camp are also included in the game to make sure that it's easy for previous SF players to be familiarized with the maps again.

Special Force M Remastered e.png

I just hope that the developers are fully committed to reviving Special Forces and not just milking the passion of previous SF fans. I've seen a lot of revived games on the mobile platforms, created just to squish every bit of love from the game's original fans.

Well, there's not much else to say or describe anymore. The only thing left is the links you might need including the Google Play Store page so you can pre-register before the game officially launches.
Before that, I'm giving the credits to Special Force: Global team and Dragonfly GF for the videos, images, and content that I included here. See you on the other side, brothers!