Special Forces Group 3 is now available as a beta for Android

Special Forces Group 3 will be the third installment in Forge Game's popular Special Forces Group series. This time, the tactical first-person shooter will have new UI components, over 40 levels, new characters, weapons, and more to expand on the Special Forces Group formula.


For those who are unfamiliar, the Special Forces Group series is a well-known first-person shooter title similar to Rainbow Six Siege or Counter-Strike. Tactical, slower-paced action in which you must peek behind corners and communicate with your teammates to win in a variety of game settings.

These 40+ maps, as well as many of the new pieces of content stated above, are already included in this early access build of Special Forces Group 3. While many of these maps are brand new, you can expect to see some recognizable locations from previous SFG games among them.

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While you might not anticipate an early access version to feature so much material, this release includes Classic, Resurrection, Capture The Flag, Zombie Mode, Bomb Mode, Knives, Deathmatch, ArmsRace, and Snipers, among other game types. All of these games may be played with bots offline or online with Wi-Fi and a working friend system.

The gun selection is as expected, with pistols, snipers, SMGs, rifles, and other curiosities like unusual melee weapons and special utility items among the options. With all of these options, as well as the enormous number of maps, numerous game types, and the ability to play both offline and online, there is a lot of content for an early access version.

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If you're a fan of the franchise or just searching for a great mobile FPS, Special Forces Group 3 early access is available for free on Google Play. There's no word on an iOS release yet, but it's likely to be released soon alongside the full version's release date.