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There have been some contentions whether it would Zhongli or Childe that will be featured first in 1.1. Since both of them are both husbandos of various girl players of Genshin Impact. It will definitely rack up money, no doubt. While I am a man and I anticipate the arrival of the bros as well. It seems that we may get an answer with that closer than ever with this tidbit that I found interesting.


Yesterday, Genshin Impact released Childe's Character Tale: The Sigil of Permission.

It shows how Childe acquired the Sigil of Permission which helped you to state your case with the adepti and look for a safe haven while being pursued by the Mellilith. It was a great tool that helped us in our journey, little did we know how it came to be in Childe's possession, now we know.


If you can see the pattern of the gacha banners, it does come with a character tale that will signify which character will go on a focused rate-up banner for themselves. Venti has one in the past and so does Klee. They both had a rate-up after unveiling their character tales. From the looks of it, it seems like Childe will go first before Zhongli. Besides, we have not seen a Character Tales of Zhongli yet, so that will be on the second half of 1.1.


The featured ones are set if this remains true. are you ready to get yourself a Harbinger of a Fatui or you are more likely to prepare on the . Join the Genshin Impact discussion now!