Spend Wisely! What to Buy in Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact is all the rage right now, you might hear it from your friends, family, even colleagues. If you know it and your pals have heard of it, chances are, they are playing it! Well, except if they do not have a device for it which is pretty sad in my opinion. But I digress. Today, let us talk about things that you can buy in Genshin Impact if you feel like opening your coffers for the game.

Why buy anyway? That is a good question. There is no doubt that the game is very free-to-play and engaging whatever you put it. I am sure we can agree that the rates are bad and the chance of pulling a 5- star character is very slim, but hey the 5-star characters can carry you in the game and that is no doubt a fact. But let us say you still like to have the best experience you have in the game and you're willing to spend money in the game even the bare minimum. We got you covered on that one.

What to Buy in Genshin Impact a.png

As for the to-buy things in the game. You can never go wrong with the Monthly Pass. With only P250, you can get up to 2700 Primogems for a month plus 300 Genesis Crystals which you can convert it to Primogems in a 1:1 Basis, in this sense if we buy this we can be guaranteed with almost 2 multi-rolls in a month which is fantastic to say as you know how to get Primogems can be rare in GI sometimes.

What to Buy in Genshin Impact b.png

Another thing that can be a great buy is the Battle Pass. With only P499 for the Gnostic Hymn and P999 in a special offer for the Gnostic Chorus. You can gain a lot of Primogems, Talent Books and Materials, EXP cards and if you reach the end of the Battle Pass, you can gain Battle Pass Level 30, you can get a 4-star weapon of choice, which all are amazing weapons, mind you!

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Topping up Genesis Crystals is a thing I am not much of a fan of however since the game can really be done by free characters and saving for your favorite 5-stars is a thing, I do not see the need to use it. But, you can if you plan to splurge on your favorite character. Be careful and mindful of spending though. It's a No-Buy for me but it depends on the situation.

In the end, it's your call to use money in Genshin Impact. There are good buys and not-so-good buys but like we always say, your wallet, your rules so you decide on that. For more news, updates and guides for Genshin Impact, tailored for the Filipino gamers, stay tuned for more!