Splatoon 3 Bath Bombs by Bandai features Smallfry figures inside

A new range of Splatoon 3 toys, featuring Golden Egg Power Egg bath bombs with Smallfry characters inside, will be released, according to a statement from Bandai. Priced at ¥495 (PHP 185), they will make their debut in Japan on February 26, 2024.


There will be moments in Splatoon 3 where players must gather Golden Eggs and Salmonid Power Eggs. They are a major theme in Salmon Run. The bath bomb might be thought of as "hatching" when submerged in water. As it melts, it has a chamomile fragrance. One of seven different Splatoon 3 Smallfry figures will be found within the bath bomb. From the several hairstyles one can choose for them, each one is made to mimic the mascot figure that follows the player throughout the game. A green, purple, or yellow ink spatter that can be used as a stand for exhibiting them is also included with each one.

Take a closer look at every upcoming figure choice:


Players can expect additional adventures in the near future. The Side Order DLC for Splatoon 3 will release on February 22, 2024. The Nintendo Switch game Splatoon 3 is released, and on February 26, 2024, Power Egg Smallfry bath bombs will launch in Japan.