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Aug 14, 2018
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It's that time again! Spooktober is here and what better way to experience Halloween other than playing games. Play them with friends, or if you're feeling extra courageous, play it at night in darkness. So, here's a couple of recommendation for horror games that you can check out on Steam today! Let's go!

Moons of Madness

What's scarier than having a tentacle monster chasing you around, giving you scare jumps from narrow stairways and air vents? Apparently, the developers of this game think it would be scarier if this happens in Mars. So yes, that's way scarier. Alone and stranded into this seemingly alternate dimension, Moons of Madness follows the journey of an astronaut who came back his moonbase only to find that it's not the way that he left. Peculiar vine-like fauna that has invaded the spaces in the space station. Oh and also, you have a bunch of tentacle monsters chasing your around. The game has a strong Lovecraftian influence, so enjoy the cosmic horror this game brings about.

Hello Neighbor/Secret Neighbor
Here's an interesting game plot: Hey look, your creepy neighbour looks like he's hiding something in his basement, let's try breaking in and check it out. Sure, the premise is pretty straightforward, but there's a definite creepy factor in the way the "neighbour" comes at you with a very sinister look in his face as if he has something planned for you once he gets you. Probably something not good. The game is a complex puzzle game, where you set traps and solve locks and try to lure the neighbour in a different direction in order to get closer to your objective. You could also play this game with the multiplayer version, The Secret Neighbor. This time around, the premise is you and your friends are going to try and save your captured friend who's in the basement. But guess what? The Neighbor is one of you guys. So be prepared to go through shenanigans and a bit of fun!

Dead By Daylight
I'm sure at this point, you're pretty familiar with this game. If you've not seen this title, then boy are you in for a treat! Dead by Daylight is horror game where it takes the 4vs1 multiplayer formula and added the horror element into and voila. You have 4 pathetic future victims trying their best to survive the absolutely overpowered killing machine. Obviously, there are definitely different perks when you play on either side, but the main point is trying to get away from the crazy killer who will hang you on a hook and sacrifice you for a ritual. Use objects from your surroundings to deter the killer, and try hitting the quick time event without alerting the killer to your location. Overall, the game has seen fresh content that coincides with popular horror tropes in pop culture. For example, they've included a recent addition of characters from the Stranger Things series, together with the Demogorgon as the killer. This game is a definite must-try with friends.

A Plague Tale: Innocence

Who says horror cannot be based on something sad? Well, no one told the developers of this game as I found out new ways to be terrified of rats with the release of this game. A Plague Tale: Innocence is about a girl and her little brother traversing the harsh terrain of medieval France, which looks like it's in the middle of the plague season. That, and also the black sea of ravenous rats that are constantly feasting on rotting bodies scattered around the landscape. And guess what? You get to use them rats as part of the combat mechanics where you'll be able to trick the guards or manipulate certain interactable items that will direct the rats towards the unsuspecting guard. A Plague Tale: Innocence a heartbreaking story of children who are forced to face with unforgiving circumstances, but somehow finds the courage to push forward.

Are you big fan of sci-fi genre? How about sci-fi horror where you're overwhelmed by a bunch of alien creatures trying to kill you? If your answer is YES, then this game is for you. Your character is apparently the key subject to an experiment that is supposed to change humanity forever, but unfortunately a less agreeable of an alien species got offended by that notion and started invading the space station that you're in. And now, you're hunted down by these hostile alien shadow creatures who will not stop or rest till they get you. The game is your classic FPS, but the overall vibe of desperation and anxiety over every turn of the hall will keep you on your toes.

There's a ton of horror games available on Steam. What's your favourite horror game on Steam? Let us know below!
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