Sprite Fantasia is the sequel for Grand Fantasia for PC and Mobile that has now reached 500,000 Pre-registrations

Sprite Fantasia is an upcoming MMORPG for PC and mobile, sequel of Grand Fantasia Online, announced by X-Legend Entertainment.

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Sprite Fantasia is an upcoming MMORPG that will be released later this year for PC and mobile. The game is an anime MMO that has cute pets and a world full of fairy tales as its features. Sprite Fantasia is a remake of the classic Grand Fantasia Online.

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The developers have yet to reveal any further information regarding the game. The only detail known is that the players get to wander around the map in different locales including mountains, rivers, lakes, and fields. The locals will also call you “master” since you will be helping the “sprites” to fight the evil.

On a separate portion of an island, players will be building their workshop there, wherein, they can create different furniture. From there, they can also send the Sprites on tasks to collect materials.

The developer hasn’t also said the game’s release date, but if you look at the game’s Steam page, the game should be releasing by fall of this year. It can be expected that Sprite Fantasia can be played real soon.

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Right now, Sprite Fantasia is open for pre-registration in Google Play for Android while for iOS users, they can pre-register in the game’s official site. All players that have pre-registered will get 100 gems and an exclusive SSR card as a reward. Currently, the game has now reached 500,000 pre-registrations.

Sprite Fantasia takes place in the mysterious continent of Saphael. Players will travel as a Sprite messenger and battle the alien civilization.There are four different classes that has their own unique attributes that players can choose from:
  • Archer (Ranger/Assassin)- Attacks with a bow and various arrows in combat. Possesses a tactical mastery allowing him to fight in all environments and against any enemy.
  • Mage (Sorcerer/Necromancer) - Master of flame, ice and lightning, deals magical attacks. Proficient at AOE elemental attacks.
  • Warrior (Paladin/Berserker) - Adept at using sword and shield, equally skilled in attack and defense. While defending himself, looks for weak points and counter-attacks at the right moment.
  • Priest (Cleric/Sage) - Has unwavering faith and is able to perform all kinds of miracles and blessings to heal or strengthen allies. Also borrows divine strength to ward off evil.
Players need to build the most strategic lineup to defeat the alien civilization, also, sprites need to be equipped with memory cards to unleash powerful skills. When not engaged in combat, players can just relax and make furniture in their workshop or design the island they are staying on and send the sprites for an errand. The game also features different outfits that players can collect as they progress in the game.

Sprite Fantasia opened their pre-registration on September 10 and the game has since reached important global milestones sign-ups which also means more rewards for the players once the game officially launches.

Sprite Fantasia is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. Interested players can pre-order it in Google Play Store for Android users and in App Store for iOS users. Players can also pre-register in the game’s official website to receive awesome in-game rewards and also to get a headstart once the game is officially released.

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