Spy x Family and PUBG Mobile’s collaboration event will start on April 12

Guild of Guardians
Starting from April 12, the collaboration event between Spy x Family and PUBG Mobile will finally commence. The event will last until May 13. Although not much is known about the event, there’s two things that’s for sure that will happen in the event and that is players can get the skins of Loid and Yor.

Spy x Family PUBG Event.jpg

Once the event has started, players can pull from Spy x Family crates, which includes Loid and Yor skins. For the meantime, those skins are only the certain prizes but more will be revealed later on. For reference, the previous limited items that can be obtained in these kinds of collaboration events can vary from game modes, items, vehicles, maps, and voice lines.

Spy x Family PUBG Event.png

Currently, there is a special site for the Spy x Family collaboration event in PUBG Mobile that can be visited by players, which offers giveaways. There are various prizes that players can get including an Amazon gift card, a Spy x Family merchandise set, and an iPad Pro.

Since the developers have yet to release details for the event, stay tuned for further announcements!