Square Enix and Live Wire releases HARVESTELLA’s game cycle, fall locations, jobs, combat, and more

New information and screenshots have been released by publisher Square Enix and developer Live Wire for their life simulation action RPG HARVESTELLA. More of the story, the game’s cycle, fall location, jobs, and combat were introduced. HARVESTELLA will be released worldwide on November 4 for Switch and PC via Steam.


Below are further details about the game:
  • Story
Our protagonist awakes on a hill near Lethe Village, having been saved by a doctor named Cres.

harvestalla intro.jpg

harvestalla intro1.jpg

A meteorite-like object blazes through the sky and falls to the north of Lethe Village. A wounded Omen is found inside the object. Omens are said to be the root source of the calamity befalling this world. The protagonist begins their new life, living in a vacant house on the hill and watching over the Omen.

harvestalla comet.jpg

harvestalla comet1.jpg

  • Game Cycle
You will always wake up in your bed at home. Whether you choose to work the fields or to go adventuring, your activities during the day are entirely up to you. However, the actions you can take will become more limited as you start to feel sleepy. Make sure to go home and go to sleep before the night is over!

harvestalla game cycle.jpg

harvestalla game cycle1.jpg

harvestalla game cycle2.jpg

  • Fall Seaslight
— The Seaslight during regular seasons.

harvestalla seaslight.png

— The Seaslight during Quietus.

harvestalla seaslight quietus.png

  • Fall Locations: Lethe Village
A village in the vicinity of the Fall Seaslight and near to the hill known as Bird’s Eye Brae, where the protagonist makes their home. Since Lethe is reasonably close to all the Seaslight, it experiences the four seasons.

— Lethe Village during the day.

harvestalla lethe.jpg

— Lethe Village at night.

harvestalla lethe1.jpg

There are all kinds of useful shops in Lethe Village, where you can find everyday essentials or make preparations before setting out on adventure.

— General Store

harvestalla general store.jpg

harvestalla general store1.jpg

— Blacksmith

harvestalla blacksmith.jpg

— Renovator

harvestalla renovator.jpg

  • Fall Locations: Higan Canyon
The way to the Fall Seaslight passes through Higan Canyon, characterized by its striking foliage that blazes a deep crimson. In pursuit of the girl who departed for the Seaslight, the protagonist heads into the depths of Higan Canyon.

harvestalla higan canyon.jpg

— Higan Canyon during the day.

harvestalla higan canyon1.jpg

— Higan Canyon at night.

harvestalla higan canyon2.jpg

— It seems as though the protagonist will be heading for the Seaslight with an Omen they encountered on the way…

harvestalla higan canyon3.jpg

— Is the abrupt appearance of a unicorn the arrival of a friend… or foe?

harvestalla higan canyon4.jpg

Higan Canyon Encounter: Dianthus

Race: Omen

“For now though, I must do something to calm the Seaslight…”

harvestalla omen.png

Dianthus is an Omen—the race said to be the cause of Quietus. As she heads towards the Fall Seaslight for her purposes, she becomes unable to move in Higan Canyon. After being saved by the protagonist, they continue towards the Fall Seaslight together.

harvestalla omen1.jpg

  • Who Are the Omens?
Omens are hated and feared by humans. They cover themselves in thick armor and carry out investigations on the Seaslights—although their motives are unknown. Because of such actions, a good number of people suspect the Omens are behind the occurrence of Quietus. The Omens are shrouded in mystery. What is their objective?

harvestalla omen2.jpg

harvestalla omen3.jpg

  • Adventure: Jobs
Jobs have unique weapons and use characteristic skills. By recruiting a character with a certain job, the player-controlled protagonist will also become able to use that same job.

Assault Savant — A job that utilizes science and martial arts, it can use skills to switch the attributes and effects of its regular attacks.

harvestalla assault savant.jpg

— Changing jobs also switches your outfit!

harvestalla assault savant1.jpg

  • Adventure: Break Gauges / Special Attacks
Stronger enemies such as bosses have four types of “elemental weakness.” Attacking their elemental weaknesses fills up Break Gauges that will increase the damage towards enemies and enables you to activate a one-timeonly special attack during a battle.

Break Gauge — Respective elemental gauges are located on the top left of the battle screen. The gauges will be in a “Break State” once they are filled up, enabling you to inflict more damage to enemies.

harvestalla break gauge.jpg

harvestalla break gauge1.jpg

Double Break — You can learn special attacks by strengthening your bond with your comrades.

harvestella double break.jpg

Special Attack — Special attacks can be activated once Break Gauges adjacent to each other go into a Break State.

harvestella special attack.jpg

  • Special Fall Produce
Some produce can be harvested all year round, while some kinds of fruit and vegetables can only be harvested in a particular season! Savor the seasonal work on the farm and cuisine particular to each season.

Fall Produce

— Lantern Pumpkin

harvestalla pumpkin.png

— Rainbow Bean

harvestalla bean.png

— Royal Eggplant

harvestella eggplant.png

— Princess Chestnut

harvestalla chestnut.png

Cuisine Using Fall Produce

— Lantern Pumpkin Gratin

harvestalla pumpkin gratin.png

— Lethe Egg King Cake

harvestalla egg king cake.png

— Tomato & Eggplant Cheese Bake

harvestalla tomato eggplant cheese.png

— Mont Blanc

harvestalla mont blanc.png

Plus many more kinds of Fall produce and cuisine!
  • Letters
You will sometimes receive letters in your mailbox. They might contain presents from the mayor or words of thanks from people you’ve helped. Some letters may even lead to the start of a new story!

harvestalla letters.jpg

harvestalla letters1.jpg

harvestalla letters2.jpg

  • Daily Life: Pets
In the area around your house on Bird’s Eye Brae, you can keep a pet and even rear livestock. Ride your pet Totokaku to travel quickly around the world map!


Your Totokaku isn’t just for travel—sometimes it might dig something up…!

harvestalla pet.jpg

Progression / Growth

Feed your Totokaku to help it grow and become stronger. As it levels up, it will be able to do more things during travel!

harvestalla pet1.jpg

harvestalla pet2.jpg

  • Daily Life: Livestock
Building animal pens near your house on Bird’s Eye Brae will allow you to rear cluffowl and woolums. Rearing livestock will allow you to obtain eggs and milk, which you can then use in your cooking.


In addition to eggs and milk, there are certain things you’ll be able to obtain by raising your bond with your livestock. You can increase the number of livestock you can look after by building more animal pens.

harvestalla livestock.jpg

harvestalla livestock1.jpg

Making Animal Feed

Feed can be made with the Feed Maker processor.

harvestalla livestock2.jpg

harvestalla livestock3.jpg