Square Enix Has Revealed Some Gameplay Information of Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier

More information were revealed by Square Enix regarding the combat and general gameplay in Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier.

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier.jpg

During the scheduled May broadcast that included a short question and answer section, information about the combat and gameplay of Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier were revealed. The broadcast was led by Producer Shoichi Ichikawa and Creative Director Tetsuya Nomura. The concept of Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier came from Producer Shoichi Ichikawa.


Similar to other battle royale games out there, players will have to navigate through a shrinking map to defeat other players and acquire weapons and armor. There will be different monsters roaming around the areas that players can traverse including the train yard and Aerith’s House. The monsters that were shown in the broadcast were the GUard Scorpion and the Tonberry. Night and Day cycles will be available. Melee combat will be the major gameplay mechanic in Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier as its specifically effective in defeating monsters as players can smoothly switch between melee and ranged combat. Once a monster is defeated, weapons and armor will drop.


It was also demonstrated in the broadcast how magic and materia will work in the game. To strengthen their magic attacks, players will need to collect materia. Firaga and Blizzaga have different functions, it is more in-depth than just spamming spells at players like Blizzaga will take a form of turret to assist players on the field. Players can choose their class like Warrior, Monk, or Sorcerer which comes with their own set of abilities.

Players will level-up and gain more skills by defeating monsters which will give them advantage over other players. Although, players will still need to collect materia and find equipment as the game balance requires players to take part in PvP and PvE equally to be victorious. The number of players that can participate in a match is up to 75. A single-player free-for-all and team match mode will be available. The team match mode will group players by teams of three and players can also choose a drop-off point using a helicopter at the start of the game.

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier will be released on mobile devices by this year.