Square Enix Releases New Cinematic Trailer for Just Cause Mobile

During the company's first SQUARE ENIX PRESENTS Digital Event, which took place on March 18, 2021, Square Enix has revealed a new cinematic trailer for Just Cause Mobile.

Although the trailer does not provide an informative full gameplay, it showcased what the game will have to offer to its upcoming players. It also featured some familiar faces to Just Cause franchise regulars.


Just Cause Mobile is an action-shooter game set in the Just Cause universe and is designed exclusively for mobile. It will showcase an explosive single-player and multiplayer experiences with its action-packed story campaign, 30-person competitive multiplayer, 4-man co-op missions and more.

It will be offering on-the-go grappling, shooting, and gliding with four distinct game modes, high quality gameplay powered by Unreal Engine 4, in-game cutscenes and fully voiced characters all at your fingertips. Players can also customize their agent and join the ranks of Firebrand, a special division within the covert organization, “The Agency".



The game's campaign mode will take place across three open-world locations around the globe. Players will come across familiar characters from the Just Cause series who help and assist in tracking down the new mercenary group called Darkwater, a group of ex-Black Hand military forces from overseas that are now a major threat to The Agency. Expand and upgrade your huge arsenal of weapons as you progress through the different modes the game has to offer and eliminate Darkwater.


There is no official release date for Just Cause Mobile yet. However, it is being developed for global audiences and is expected to begin launching later this year. The game will be entirely free to play and will be available on Google Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS.