Square Enix reveals Trials of Mana remake is coming to Android and iOS

Trials of Mana, a classic RPG from Square Enix, will be coming to Android smartphones later this year. It's also working on Echoes of Mana, a new game in the franchise that will be limited to mobile devices. A new console game is apparently on the way, as well as an anime centered in the Mana universe.


The new games were unveiled during a special Mana webcast to commemorate the series' 30th anniversary, which debuted in 1991 with a Final Fantasy spin-off named Final Fantasy Adventure. Trials of Mana was first launched in Japan in 1995 on the Super Famicom platform, and it was only ever published in Japan. It was remade in 2020 for modern consoles, including PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC, with the remake being released worldwide. The remake is coming to iOS and Android and is set to launch on July 15 for the premium price tag of $24. You can see more images of the game on mobile on its official site and pre-register for the game’s release on Google Play.

With a redesigned UI and plenty of auto-things like auto-target, auto-camera, and auto-battle, the new hand-sized version of the game has been modified to operate on a touchscreen. There will also be cloud saves.

You may also choose between listening to the original SNES soundtrack or a new 60-song musical score by Hiroki Kikuta. The game will also have complete English voice acting. You may also switch to Japanese.

Pre-registration for Trials of Mana for Android is now open, and you can join in the fun by going here. According to the game's Play Store page, you'll need 6.1GB of free space to play.

The Goddess of Mana summoned the Sword of Mana to strike the eight Benevodons, creatures of devastation when the earth was engulfed in darkness. She was able to lock the monsters within the eight Mana Stones, bringing the realm back from the brink of destruction.

The Goddess, exhausted from repairing the world, transformed into a tree and slept for years. The powers of evil, on the other hand, attempted to release the Benevodons in order to seize control of the planet. To promote their scheme and undermine the kingdoms, they began a horrible war.

Players choose three of the six major characters to begin their quest. Depending on who you pick as your main character and friends, the overlapping narrative of intertwined destiny varies!

View the magnificent world of Mana in full 3D rendering! Scenes and characters from the original game are now rendered in stunning detail.

Battle System
Evade foes and strike back with aerial and combination attacks thanks to the dynamic combat system. Use the Mana series' characteristic ring menus and new shortcut commands.

New Features
Included in the game is the option to play through flashbacks for each character in your party. You’ll also see a familiar Mana series face when searching for Li’l Cactus during your adventures. Plus, there are additions like a new type of item seed and the autosave feature.

Character Enhancement
Between enhance your characters and modify their appearance, switch to bright or dark classes. A new Class 4 has been introduced to this remake. There are numerous various methods to train and power up your characters, with over 300 distinct powers accessible.

Beginner, Easy, Normal, and Hard are the four difficulty levels available. The Beginner mode allows players to pick up where they left off no matter how many times they lose a game. Choose this difficulty if action games are tough for you or if you want to concentrate on the plot.