Square Enix's first Symbiogenesis teaser reveals over 10,000 NFT characters

A teaser for Square Enix's new NFT game, Symbiogenesis, has finally been unveiled. The only thing that is shown in the teaser, though, is what appears to be a floating island, which will probably serve as the game's main environment.


There are a few things that are expected from the video that are mentioned in the description. Consider how more than 10,000 NFT characters will be available for purchase as each of the six chapters is released. Symbiogenesis is a "Narrative-unlocked NFT entertainment" game, according to Square Enix. Players will be able to access the various character storylines as they advance through the narrative.

Additionally, on March 17th, the official website will launch, according to their announcement. Hence, all game information can be anticipated.

Symbiogenesis Teaser​

Here is the game's description via its website:
‘In a not so distant future… Humanity has managed to survive by living on the Floating continent, the last safe haven on Earth where life is still possible amidst the pollution,’ the game’s official story description reads. ‘As conflict is no longer, the people live while progressively reclaiming past civilisation. However, their peaceful lives were shattered by the sudden attack of the Dragon, putting the existence itself of the Floating Continent in danger. While humanity fights to repel its attack, they are faced with choices that will determine their fate. By unraveling the mystery behind this world’s origins, they will face the decisions to lead it towards an ideal future. This is the story of humanity’s final choice in order to live together.’

Although the description suggests a classic fantasy story with exploration and heroic adventures, the specifics are incredibly hazy and, to be honest, rather bland. The addition of NFTs and blockchain technology appears to be Symbiogenesis' primary point of differentiation thus far; nevertheless, this difference is more likely to turn participants away than to draw them in.


According to Square Enix, all story chapters can be finished and "played through even without having any Character NFT," but these in-game purchases will have unique "utility for those who hold the NFT collectible art," the company has stated. When tasks are completed, players with Character NFTs will receive extra NFT art and be able to read original stories, easily earn rank experience points, and make a "duplicate" of their character.

Meanwhile, players who don't buy NFTs will be denied access to some story aspects, which will affect the overall gameplay experience. Functionally, this means that the NFTs for the game will be similar to in-game purchases or DLC packs, but with the added baggage of controversies, hostility, a high price tag, and potential environmental harm.