Square Enix’s new pet merchandise line includes Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy VII , and Kingdom Hearts

Square Enix has announced that they will be producing and selling new Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy merchandise that are customized for pets. A website has been set up by the company where fur parents, who are interested in the items, can view the new SQEX Pets brand.

sqex pets.png

The products that the company created are based on its popular game franchises. The items will be based on Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy VII , and Kingdom Hearts. Tetsuya Nomura will be joining the project by supervising the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts-themed item designs. He also drew a new logo for the Final Fantasy & Pets brand, featuring Final Fantasy VII‘s Cait Sith and Red XIII.

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"SQEX PETs" is a pet goods brand that spans three series: Square Enix's popular titles "Dragon Quest" and "Final Fantasy," and "Kingdom Hearts," which was created in collaboration with Disney. We plan to produce leashes, bandanas, and clothing inspired by characters and worldviews, as well as items that can be enjoyed as interior decorations, such as large scratchers and beds.

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Among the items announced this time, "FINAL FANTASY &PETs" and "KINGDOM HEARTS & PETs" were actually supervised by Tetsuya Nomura, who works as a character designer, game designer, and director for the game, and was also in charge of the logo design for "FINAL FANTASY & PETs."

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“There are many dog and cat lovers at our company, including myself. We don't have any pet goods based on our work! I realized this and proposed this project. We hope that the lineup that will please many people, including us, will increase in the future”, said Tetsuya Nomura.

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Since the images that the company released have featured dogs only, they have assured that they will also release products for cats in the near future. Note, even though Square Enix has already revealed the new SQEX Pets merchandise line, they have yet to announce the release date for the products. For now, let’s stay tuned but bear in mind the statement they left in the newly SQEX Pets website, which states:

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"All products are under development. Depending on the development status, there is a possibility that the product will not be sold.”