SSR character <Black> Asta arrives in Limited-Time Rate-Up Banner in Black Clover M : Rise Of The Wizard King

Garena today revealed key highlights for the latest season of Black Clover M : Rise Of The Wizard King. Highly anticipated SSR character <Black> Asta has made his debut in a limited-time rate-up banner, allowing players to summon this powerful character to enhance their team. Joining the fray are SSR characters <Costume Party> Noel and Charmy, who will appear in Limited-time Summon and 'Gateway of Reunion' events, providing players with a unique opportunity to expand their character squads during this special season.


  • Limited Mage - SSR <Black> Asta debuts in the limited-time rate-up banner, bringing his powerful 'Anti-Magic' to the game
  • The Knight Arena mode is coming, promising a thrilling experience for players seeking competitive squad PVP battles
  • SSR characters <Costume Party> Noelle and Charmy are also set to join the roster Black Clover M this season
In addition, the new Knight Arena mode will be launched on 19 February, introducing Squad PVP for players to engage in intense and fun-filled battles.

New SSR <Black> Asta Limited-time rate-up banner is now live!
Get ready for a game-changing moment in Black Clover M, as SSR character Black Asta arrives with powerful skills to amp up the gameplay. Do not miss out on this chance to enhance your roster and dominate the battles with Black Asta's 'Anti-Magic!' <Black> Asta can be unlocked in the limited-time rate up banner.

Overview of Defender – <Black> Asta
<Black> Asta is a defender whose damage output and skill effects change based on the presence of his 'Anti-Magic' effect. With a variety of skill effects that inflict HP recovery blocks on enemies and increases SP on himself, Black Asta is a character that shines in various battles!


Season 4 'Costume Party' Begins! - New SSR Noelle & Charmy make their entrance!
Season 4 'Costume Party' has begun, featuring new SSR characters <Costume Party> Noelle and Charmy, who are both ready for battle in their little devil and pumpkin costumes. Complete specific missions to select a free Season 4 limited character from the 'Gateway of Reunion' event!

Overview of Debuffer – <Costume Party> Noelle
<Costume Party> Noelle is a Debuffer who is able to reduce the SP of a single enemy with her Skill I [Water Prank], and all enemies with Skill II [Little Devil's Prank]. With her special skill [Trick Water], Noelle can summon a giant water drop in the shape of a pumpkin, removing buff effects and decreasing the SP of one opponent.


Overview of Attacter – <Costume Party> Charmy
<Costume Party> Charmy is an attacker who fights with a 'Pumpkin Pie' effect, which transfers burns to a random enemy character each turn. When equipped with the Mage's Skill Page, using Skill I [Pumpkin Launch] on an enemy will stun the target, dealing continuous damage for two turns. Charmy's Skill II [Trick or Treat] can also deal damage to all enemies.


New Knight Arena mode - Black Clover M Squad PVP battles are coming!
From 19 to 25 February, players can experience the exciting new Knight Arena mode and put their strategic skills and teamwork to the test. Build a powerful squad, face formidable foes and rise through the ranks in dynamic Squad PVP showdowns. By participating, players have the chance to receive rewards such as Yuls and Accessory Enchantment Stones according to the final results, and the top three players on the server can win a Legendary Accessory Enchantment Stone Selection Box. Gather your team now and immerse yourself in the epic Squad PVP battles!


Black Clover M is available globally on the App Store and Google Play. Stay tuned to all the latest developments and events through the official Black Clover M channels:

About Black Clover M: Rise Of The Wizard King
Black Clover M : Rise Of The Wizard King is a collection RPG mobile title based on the popular anime series "Black Clover," which is broadcast by TV Tokyo. Published by Japanese publisher Shueisha, 'Black Clover' was initially serialized in the Japanese manga magazine 'Weekly Shonen Jump' from February 2015, selling over 19 million copies worldwide, and is now continued in 'Jump GIGA' as of December 2023.

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