Star Citizen has raised $300 million in crowdfunding PC 

Ever had a game where the ambition is big yet the funds are low? Who you got to call? CROWDFUNDING! This method has benefited a lot of game developers in their pursuit of publishing their games that it is amazing how it came to be. But some crowdfunding outshine others as the one where about to talk has really upped their game in their crowdfunding efforts that their total is now about $300 million! That's right, 9 digits on the way for Star Citizen.

The Game
Star Citizen is a game where you conduct space combat and space trading, it's an immersive game where you can fly a space ship, upgrade it, conduct quests and more. It's basically a role playing game but with space and futuristic set-up. Here's a sample from a YouTuber who is trying out the game after he was given a copy by his friend.

The Reason

Now you might be wondering, why is the game crowdfunded so much to amount the price of $300 Million? Well, if you watched the video above you can see where it goes. The graphics are very well-designed, the city is really rendered real time and there is not much load time that you will have to do. It's seamless as the engine can really carry the game without having too much problem. Ofcourse, it can vary from system to system so if you plan to play the game you better be ensured to have a great PC setup for this one. It's up for Linux and Windows, poor Mac. But with the requirements, I can expect that.

As for the reason why it has garnered a lot of money, it's simple, SC has packs of various amount where you can buy those packages as a means of supporting the game and then you will get the contents of the packs, it usually have money, ships and other things inside it. The most expensive ones (which are $35,000) give you a huge ship, other contents plus an honorary title. With an amount that huge it does make sense, but if you can play more and it is your money, who are we to judge those who purchase these packs to support the game they love.

The Amount

Some news sources have been eyeing the growth of the game's funds for a while as the amount is pretty huge for a video game. Apparently, according to Forbes, it hit $100 million back in December 2015, $200 million in November 2018, and until today it garnered a whopping $300 million in June 2020. Truly a magnificent yet scary milestone for a game like this. Take note, Star Citizen is still only at its alpha. So we will see if it will gain more improvement moving forward.


Like I said earlier, it is the backers' right to support a game based on their actions. Some might see this as predatory, cash-grabby while others will see this as a support to the game as the game will soon venture to massive projects that will need a lot of money to conduct. And it is not as if we are not seeing progress, the clips and images alone prove that the Cloud Imperium Games, the developer of Star Citizen is doing its utmost best to deliver an amazing experience to the players. Not gonna lie, I want to experience that... eh maybe soon!