Star Smash a Walt Disney Anime style game Will Launch This November 16th in Japan! iOS Android 

A new Disney mobile game is creating a sensation all around the world. XFLAG and Disney joined forces to bring us "Star Smash" and it is absolutely gorgeous. The pre-registration event has begun and it is set to launch this November 16th in Japan. Now, what exactly is this game why is it getting hyped up? Let's find out.


Just as the image suggests, we might be looking at a Disney game with Anime-style graphics and design. And, of course, the iconic Disney character that you're seeing will also be part of the game - Mickey Mouse. According to the game description, Star Smash is a co-op smash action game that includes original Disney characters. It is what it exactly says. Besides Mickey, there are other iconic Disney characters that joined the game.


As you can see, they've included even the Disney Princesses! But, what really is the idea of this game? Actually, the game resembles a game that some of you might have known for years. Anyone who's familiar with Kingdom Hearts? Yes, that anime-styled game series published mainly by Square Enix and Nintendo. The combination between the Final Fantasy and Disney characters was a blast!


Star Smash is different tho. Although you're going to play mostly with Disney characters, there is a set of main characters designed by the manga artist, Ogureen. And, oh boy, the designs were great! The design was somehow similar to Kingdom Hearts' fine-lined anime adaptation. I mean, just see for yourself below.


They even have those cool sticks that resemble the weird-looking swords and Keyblades in Kingdom Hearts. But, hey, there's no need to compare these two awesome games. What about the story tho? According to the game description, the game's story will revolve around the main character, Yu, and his team called Red Braves which includes Mickey Mouse as Buddy AI, as they play and compete in the imaginary sport called "Star Ball".

The game's screen orientation is portrait. The gameplay is like some sort of badminton or tennis except that your aim is to hit the enemies with the ball. After hitting the ball, of course, it will eventually return. You'll strike it back once again with the same objective of aiming it at the enemies. Striking it repeatedly will perform combo attacks!


What's more interesting is the featured manga included in the game. Well, of course, the story is similar to the game. That's one hell of promotion! But, I guess you're already tired of reading the game details. You're searching for those precious links already. Don't worry, we're nearly finished here. Let me show you the pre-registration rewards for the final part.


To pre-register, all you need to do is follow the official Twitter or adding LINE friends. If the pre-registration hits 300,000, players will get 3,000 Crystals and the 4* Mickey Mouse! Those 3,000 Crystals are equivalent to 10x Gacha Pull. Wait, did I just say gacha? Yep! The Disney characters are converted into cards. So, in order to collect them, you already know what you've got to do.

The game will be available for both Android and iOS. As for our dear readers who aren't living in Japan, you know the drill. With our great translation skills and the power of the VPN, we might have a fighting chance. For the rest, well, prayers and patience usually do the trick. Either way, let's show the game some love even from afar.


Before we end, I'd like to give thanks to Disney and XFLA, as well as QooApp for the images and content used. And just to remind everyone, the game will be EXCLUSIVELY released in Japan at the moment. But, since the game has already made an uproar globally, there's a high chance that Disney and XFLAG will consider a global launch.
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