Star Wars Fallen Order Impressions

Roviel Villapana

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Sep 18, 2014
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First of Finally EA did something good! Star Wars Fallen Order is a step in the right direction. Without using the "Full of razor blades" engine frostbite Respawn Entertainment did a good job using Unreal Engine 4. Another big thing to note is there are no Multi player and amazingly no Micro transactions although there are a lot of Ponchos..

Story Brief (No Spoilers)
The game is set five years after the execution of Order 66 where Jedi's where purged, if you remember Anakin doing something horrific to the younglings ones.. Yes thats Order 66. Ok so in this game you play a jedi padawan called Cal Katesis palyed by the Joker actor from Gotham. See the pattern here another Joker actor playing a starwars character. Anyhow Cal is being hunted by the Inquisitor Second and Ninth Sister due to an incident where Cal had to use the force.

During the story Cal gets and befriends a small droid called BD-1 or buddy who shows him the message from a former Jedi Master Eno Cordova who is feeling the burden and guilt of being the few Jedi survivors and a bunch of spoilers thats all i can say for now.

Gameplay and Performance
We played and tested the game on PC, unfortunately there where some frame rate drops. Note that we are using and i7 with a GTX 1080. This stutters usually happens when loading on big areas of the game, we also encountered some crashes and minor bugs here in there but dont worry they aren't game breaking atleast on our experience.

Now for the gameplay! the game is basically like if Uncharted and Dark Souls have a baby, thats Fallen Order in a nutshell. So if you die in this game you lose skill points earned but dont worry if you kill the enemy you get it back so its like a mild Dark Souls. The game is played in 3rd person with lots of jumping, wall run and some puzzles. As you progress you earn and unlock force abilities and even some new attacks like freeze.

Since this is a Star Wars game you will be using alot of light saber mechanics, but good news coz the light saber it self feels and sound authentic enough.

The games graphics is stunning the details are exceptional specially on the scene where you see the ships from the first trilogy of Star Wars, they are breath taking good job unreal engine 4.

Final Impressions
So you might be asking is the game worth playing? well yes and no if you like story driven content then its a big yes although its not like Witcher or Mass effect as the game can last up 17~20 hours only. But if you are looking for the battlefront game style dont buy this game because there is no multiplayer as i personally dont think there is much replayability so you are better of getting it on a sale or something..

The game can be purchased fo PC on the Origin here

But those are just my impressions, the question is what do you think?


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Dec 22, 2019
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I think that this game is amazing! I love the graphics in this game, but also love the whole story behind it. Would definitely recommend to anyone!