Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order receives free updates; Challenge Mode and Cosmetics

It has been known to a lot of people that Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order have been a blessing for Star Wars fans as it reinvigorates their interest in the IP, that lost a lot of fans due to the other media that surrounds it. Remember the Star Wars Battlefront 2's kerfuffle regarding the absurd pull rate of certain characters there, well it did gain negative PR. So it is refreshing indeed to see that Fallen Order restored the Star Wars games. Which they are continuing to do it, with our current news today.

May the 4th be with you

As part of the celebration of Star Wars Day, which is yesterday, May 4th. Respawn and EA has decided to give everyone a little treat to return to the game and have fun once more. Fallen Order receives a new update that will definitely interest those who want to have some challenge in their system, or might want to replay the game in a different outfit. Let's talk about them.

Swag up in NG+

First, is that if you want to test out a new outfit for Cal while you go on a journey, now you can. Rev up a new game and your unlocked costumes will be there already for you to use. So, try it out if you want to have a different cosmetic running around the galaxy and fulfilling your quests. It can be interesting if put to a different situation.

Meditate and Challenge

The Meditation Training is a new thing in the game which will definitely put you to the test, quite literally. Meditation Training will lead you to a menu that will consist of various challenges, these challenges will pit you with various waves of imperial soldiers and other enemies that you need to survive in order to win. You can get more stars by not healing and not taking damage, but only if you can do it of course.

But if you feel that it's not even enough for you, don't fret, you can create a challenge mode with your heart's content and then dive right into it. You will definitely have a challenge raring up for you as long as you can be ready to face them all or just see how long you can last, it's definitely up to you!

Inquisitor Cal

A new costume is approach and it looks fantastic. It's Inquisitor Cal and his red light saber! It definitely looks fantastic and oozes with the Sith power that people might prefer than the Jedi color schemes that we are using usually. To get the skin, you need to replay the game again and make sure it's NG+ so you get this set and I gotta tell you it looks, amaziiiiing!


EA and Respawn did a solid on the Star Wars fans on this one. Fallen Order is already a great thing for them, new content means new experiences and people would always want that. I already called up my friend who has the game to update this and he definitely liked it, how about you? Are you going to give Fallen Order another run for these new content? Tell us in the comment section below!