StarCraft 2 Patch Notes Detail PC 

The latest update for StarCraft II is now available which will primarily focus on Co-op gameplay. The 3.11 update introduces a new co-op mission called Dead of Night. This is based on the Arcade mode Left2Die and sees players facing an endless wave of infested monstrosities. The goal is to destroy infested structures during the day and survive attacks.

You can see the new and adjusted mastery powers below. They include Zagara's evasion, which gives Zerglings a chance to dodge attacks, and Kerrigan's Augmented Immobilization Wave, which increases the ability's damage.

There are also new bundles for sale, improvements for Custom Game lobbies, and various bug fixes.

New Mastery Power:
  • Chrono Boost Efficiency: Increases the speed gained from Chrono Boost.
Unity Barrier redesigned:
  • All friendly units gain a Barrier that will block an attack or spell that deals at least 20 damage. This effect can only occur once every 240 seconds.
New Mastery Powers:
  • Augmented Immobilization Wave: Increases the damage of Immobilization Wave.
  • Expeditious Evolutions: Reduces the cost and research time for evolutions.
  • Prolonged Mutating Carapace: Decreases the degeneration of shields from Mutating Carapace.
New Mastery Powers:
  • Evasion: Adds a chance for Zerglings to dodge an attack.
  • Sustained Frenzy: Increases the duration of Mass Frenzy.

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