StarCraft II Legacy of the Void Announced with Beta Signup

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    Blizzards announced the epic conclusion on the Star Craft 2 Franchise as well as a BETA signup for the game.

    This expansion will include additional units and multiplayer changes from Wings of Liberty, as well as a continuing campaign focusing on the Protoss species. It will span approximately 20 missions and will be priced as an expansion set.The campaign will focus on Artanis as its main character.


    Protoss Artanis as the main character

    New Multiplayer Features

    Automated Tournaments - Daily Competition
    Come prove your might against participants from around the world in no-holds-barred tournaments that run once per day at specific times. Entries are open to players of all skill levels. Sign up, survive the elimination rounds, and face off against the best for ultimate dominance!

    Archon Mode - Two Player Single Base Control
    Two heads are better than one: you and an ally share control over a single base to battle against two enemies in multiplayer action. Learn basic tactics from a seasoned veteran or amplify the power of a burgeoning all-star. Embody the spirit of the Archon and merge together to become a greater, unified force.

    Allied Commanders - Objective Based Co-OP

    Join the battle with a friend in an open-ended cooperative experience. Choose a powerful commander from your favorite race and fight in diverse scenarios with dynamic, campaign-style objectives. Level up your commander to gain access to new units, abilities, and customization options for your army. The time is now. The theater of war awaits, commander.

    Main Trailer

    Below are the video updates for the 3 major players

    Sources and BETA sign up link:
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    tae may bayad nanaman yan

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