StarCraft Remastered Announced Which Supports Matchmaking PC 

StarCraft Real Time Strategy will be having a new HD version which was announced by Blizzard today. StarCraft:Remastered is what they are calling it which includes all the content from the base game and the Brood War expansion. The graphics have been boosted to 4K ultra high definition, while the audio is upgraded as well. Additionally, new features such as matchmaking have been introduced.

In terms of specifics, here is a rundown of what StarCraft: Remastered offers:

  • Widescreen UHD support for up to 4K
  • New illustrations to "enhance storytelling" in the campaign missions
  • "Advanced matchmaking"
  • "Full connectivity" to Blizzard's online network
  • Cloud saves for campaign progress, custom-made maps, keybinds, and replays
  • Eight new languages in addition to the five that came with the original

StarCraft: Remastered is in the works for Windows PC and Mac and is slated to come out this summer. Pricing will be announced later.

source via StarCraft Website