StarLadder i-League Star Series 13

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    Dota 2 Event: Season 13 of Star Ladder Star Series with 12 teams, qualified through four regional qualifiers, compete in a group stage followed by a final playoff.

    Prize Pool
    Champion $120,000
    2nd Place $60,000
    3rd-4th $30,000
    5th-6th $15,000
    7th-12th $5,000

    PLAYOFFS --- January 13-17
    Main event taking place at Minsk, Belarus

    Group stage, 12 teams
    - 5 from Europe
    - 1 from America
    - 3 from China
    - 1 from SEA
    - 2 invited
    - Two groups of six teams, round robin. All matches are BO3
    - Top team advance to Semifinals, 2nd and 3rd advance to Quarterfinals

    - Six teams in a single elimination bracket
    - All matches are BO3

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