Starlight Isle Gameplay Guide


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Jul 7, 2019
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Its meticulously-designed 3D model and spectacular map graphics are going to bring you a gaming experience like no other.

Rebirth System

Lv. 150 unlocks Rebirth I, Lv. 220 unlocks Rebirth II, Lv. 280 unlocks Rebirth III and Lv. 370 unlocks Rebirth IV. Each Rebirth grants massive CP and stats bonus, and allows the player to wear better gear whilst also granting more ways to increase their CP.
Things to beware: Most dungeons require V6 to purchase extra attempts. Use EXP Potions and Offline Botting Cards during Offline Botting. Use "Retrieve Resource" to get back all the resources that you didn't obtain from undone quests. Those who have excessive amounts of bound diamonds could use it to retrieve the resources and get almost no lost resources as well as huge amounts of EXP and Gold. Remember to participate in the weekly sale and event grab as it allows players to get huge amounts of material that can be used to increase CP by a lesser amount of diamonds.

After completing all the quests and getting all the obtainable EXP, you should be around Lv. 210 and above(Clear the EXP Dungeon during Lv. 160 to Lv. 170 and purchase all the daily chances for the best efficiency).

Be especially wary of: There will be more limited events during the night, remember to participate in those as they give plenty of EXP materials. Also, remember to use Offline Botting Card, 1.5x EXP Potion before going to sleep(Able to use up to 12 potions at once, usage after 12 potions will not stack).

Gear Fusion

Using S2 Red Gear as example:
1. Consumes 3 S2 Orange gear(required to fuse S2 Red gear with a 70% success rate)
2. Each extra S2 Orange Gear added will increase success rate by 15%
3. If bound gear is used as a material, then the fused material will automatically be bounded
4. Weapons and armors are unable to used as the materials for accessory fusing, and vice versa

Boss System

“BOSS” Related Systems
Introducing "BOSS" System; A core system that potentially grants players most of the in-game items if they grind. The Boss System is divided into 7 variants, namely World Boss, Boss Hall, Exclusive Boss, Barbaric Boss, Sacred Beast Ridge, Realm Boss and Sacred Region. Now we have the list of Boss variants but what about its gameplay? We'll explain their tiny tips and tricks below:

1. World Boss

Defeating a World Boss consumes 12-20 stamina depending on the boss level. You have a daily limit of 60 stamina so pick your fights wisely!

Small Tip: When the boss is at 1/3 of its HP (High likely the players won't let it off at this stage), you can start killing other players. If they choose to instant revive, disallow that player from instant revive, losing Boss loot affiliation in the process.

2. Boss Hall
Boss Hall is accessible for players with VIP4 benefits, defeating a boss do not reduce stamina so you can hunt the boss for rare gears as much as you want!
Small Tip: “Free Thugs” will first enter Boss Hall to scout for each Boss's HP Status. When the Boss is about to lose all its HP they will sneak in for an attack and steal resources from it.

3. Exclusive Boss
You may challenge the exclusive boss with “ticket”, if you run out of tickets, you may purchase it with bound diamonds to challenge it again for up to x times per day.

Small Tip: Mini Cash Players and F2P players should challenge just once or twice before they take on Lv. 350 Boss. These chances can be increased afterwards.


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