Starlight Isle Newbie FAQ


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Jul 7, 2019
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Q: What is the game genre of?
A: The Fantasy 3D MMORPG Mobile Online Game.

Q: Which Platform does supported?
A: Supported Android, iOS and Huawei

Q: Why is my game facing blackout issue?
A: When the game is operating, it does have a higher requirement for Phone Hardware, Internal Storage, and Internet Connection. If player facing stuck issue at loading screen, we suggest you to clear the internal storage of your phone, switch your connection, and try connect using WiFi. If the issue persists, please contact Customer Service for further assistance.

Q: How to create a character?
A: Login and select the server on the list, and create a new character, there is 4 choice of classes, after player selected the character and key in character name, the new character will be created. Every account could create maximum 4 characters.

Q: How to disable game's background music?
A: Enter the game interface, and click on the icon, you may adjust music and music effect there.

Q: How to level-up?
A: Player could level-up by doing Main Quest, Sub Quest, Daily Quest, Event, Botting to level-up character.
Q: How much material do I need to advance my equipment?
A: Hi dear player, please experience the game yourself of communicate with other players for information. Thanks for your support, happy gaming!
Q: When the new server release?
A: Any new update of the server will be announced in our Facebook page, do check our page often. Thank you.
Q: How to disband the guild?
A: Hi dear player, you can disband your guild in "guild setting

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