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Jul 7, 2019
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A guild can be a second home to many. One that brings them warmth and joy. To protect what’s truly important, you must become fearfully strong! Call out your guildmates and fight for all the glory!

Guild Siege

There are 4 Normal Footholds and 1 King Foothold in the Guild Siege. Capturing footholds will grant points and the guild that captures the foothold first will receive extra points! Captured footholds will grant points continuously and killing players will also grant points. When the event ends, the guild that has captured the King Foothold will be the victor.

C.S. Peak Arena

Players will receive Glory Pt. as a daily reward according to their own ranks. Glory Pt. can be used to redeem useful items at the store's Glory page.

There are also Tier Reward, Match Reward and Ranking Reward available to be claimed!
A new season of Peak Arena has started! Come and join now~

*Please refer in-game for the exact data


There are 4 major dungeons in the game, which are the "Rune Tower", "EXP Dungeon", "Gear Dungeon" and "Material Dungeon".

1. Rune Tower
In the Rune Tower, the players will face endless level of trials that grant massive amounts of Runes and Rune Essence that give the players better stats, increasing their CP. The trial will get harder and harder as the players get to the higher floor but the rewards will be better! There are even Dual Stats Rune available for you to obtain!
What kind of Rune lies within the Rune Chest? Open it and have a look!

2. EXP Dungeon
In this Dungeon your goal is to protect the spirit from the harm of monsters. Successfully protecting the spirit will grant massive EXP.

Clearing the dungeon quickly to get a higher starting level and obtain better rewards. The rewards will also get better as the difficulty of the dungeon goes up. There are up to 2 challenge chances for the EXP Dungeon daily, and one of them is being able to purchase up to 2 extra challenge chances daily with Bound Diamonds. Dungeons that are cleared with 3-stars are able to be purged by using Purge Tickets, clearing the dungeon instantly without spending time within it.

3. Material Dungeon
Players that get to the later stages of the game may find themselves not having enough materials to fuse and enhance their gear. That is when the Material Dungeon comes in to satisfy their needs of material.

4. Gear Dungeon
Find it hard to increase your level at the later stages of the game? Fret not, as the Gear Dungeon grants massive EXP compared to all the small quests you do daily, and players are able to challenge the Gear Dungeon up to 2 times daily.

Spouse System

The road of adventuring is tough, and one would eventually get lonely while venturing on this path. But no worries, as the Spouse function provides our players a great platform to get to know each other and find their destined other half to accompany them on this neverending journey.

Social Hall
When players reach Lv. 75, the Spouse function will be unlocked, and players can start to publish messages at the Social Hall and let the others know about them. Players can even choose to publish their messages in the Social Hall to the World Channel to get more attention.

Add as Friend
Become friends with the one who hits on you and you can start to have your own relationship with them. Send them flowers, bring them with you when doing dungeons and defeat World Bosses together. Once you reach a certain stage with them, you can start to plan the next step.

Propose & Wedding Banquet
Once the player has proposed successfully, it is time to prepare a Wedding Banquet and invite your friends to witness the moment. There are up to 2 types of Wedding Banquets that grant different rewards for the host and participants. Purchase a ticket for the banquet and after having the consent of your other half, you are able to host a banquet, and invite your friends to come in.

Wedding Ring & Giftpack
As the bond between the two of you grow stronger, your Wedding Ring will get better. Use the fruit obtained from the Spouse Dungeon to cultivate your Wedding Ring and increase stats for the both of you. You can also spend 520 Diamonds to purchase the True Love Giftpack for your other half, expressing your love to them.

Divorce and Breakup
There are those who will accompany each other till the end, but there are also those who think breaking up would be the best for both sides. One could choose to break up with their other half if things aren't going smoothly without any burden. Divorcing, however, will have a price to pay as one should bear the responsibilities of the eternal vow they've made during the wedding ceremony.


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