Staying True to its Roots: Tales of Crestoria's Dark Side is Unveiled in the new short animation iOS Android 

The Tales series have been popular in the gaming marketplace and people need not wonder why it is the case. The series has always found a way to create an interesting story, memorable characters, and maintain the strong relationship it has with the fanbase strong. With the various iterations that it has from different consoles, it is no wonder that it is still beloved for a long while. Now with its own mobile game series, Tales of Crestoria is not yet over in showing how they plan to remain true to their roots as they unveiled the short animation that proves it.

Tales of Crestoria a.jpg

The animation above is the latest upload of BANDAI NAMCO in their promotion of Tales of Crestoria. As you can see the story is delving deeper into its darker aspects and is not shying out regarding that area. People have been known to draw their attention to the story which attracts them with playing the games, now with this "weapon" at hand, maybe Tales of Crestoria can gather more players that will play the game further.

Tales of Crestoria b.png

For the uninitiated, ToC's main characters are Kanata and Misellia, together with their allies they are on the run in the world that wants them erased. Being labelled as "transgressors", they must find respite in the world that shuns them. With those sentences alone, you can see how the story can have a dark part which can be explored and if done well, will be praised by the gamers. Mobile games have known to have great story hidden in their gameplay, therefore if ToC can match that or even exceed that expectation, the player base can grow more than imagined.

Tales of Crestoria c.jpg

This animation might have gained more people who plan to play the game and if it rings true, then the game is here to stay. The game has quality graphics and it can bring a game's immersive levels higher. Join the Tales of Crestoria discussion if you are itching to play and know more about this mobile game.