Steam Error and Troubleshooting

Discussion in 'PC and Laptop' started by xero, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. xero

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    Team: OVD

    Philippines Steam thread discussion for Steam Errors and Troubleshooting, here will discuss bugs and solutions such as the following:

    Login Errors

    Fix 1: Check Internet
    - Most basic is to check your internet connection

    Fix 2: Update Steam
    - Steam regularly needs update on load
    - if the steam did not update re download on steam website

    Game Crashing

    Fix 1: Validate Game Cache
    - Right click the game on steam then select properties
    - Go to local files
    - Click the Verify Integrity of Game Cache button

    Game Not Exiting

    Fix 1: Force Quit
    - Go to task manager then force quit the game

    Fix 2: Force Quit Steam
    - Sometimes you will need to force quit the game as well as the steam client

    Slow Download

    Fix 1: Change download region
    - click the Steam menu
    - select settings
    - click the Downloads + cloud tab
    - select a different server from the download region box

    Steam Overlay Crash

    Fix 1: Disable Steam Overlay
    - right click the game in your Steam library
    - selecting Properties,
    - uncheck "Enable Steam Community In-Game" check box

    If you are experiencing other steam problems or if you have alternate solutions kindly post below
  2. noob

    Casual Gamer

    Di ako makahanap ng match sa csgo any fix?
  3. jmox

    Casual Gamer

    paano yung error ng steam client na always updating and verifying installation daw kapag binubuksan yung steam client, wala naman sya makitang update at ma-verify
  4. dutete

    Hardcore Gamer

    normal yan for security para di mahack ung steam araw araw at may update ang leche
  5. jmox

    Casual Gamer

    ah ok, thanks sa info po
  6. clydell04

    Casual Gamer

    paano pag cheat VAC??
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