Steam players finds out how to check the money they have spent and many were in denial about it

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Gaming can be either an expensive hobby or not, depending on the person who plays. Especially when it comes to PC games, with players purchasing games in Steam and new hard drives to expand space, a game library can easily build up when unnoticed. Due to this, players are shocked to know just how much they have spent on Steam.


This may come as a surprise to everyone but there is a way to check just how much one has spent on Steam. It is actually on the app itself. To do it, go to the Steam Support under the Help tab and select “Data about my account” and “External funds used” under the My Account tab. It will then show you exactly how much you’ve spent over the years that you’ve used Steam with not only the games itself but also the costs of upgrading that you’ve done in each game that you have.


Here’s how you can find out how much you have spent on Steam, via crua9:
  1. Open the desktop app
  2. Go to help
  3. Go to steam support
  4. Go to my account
  5. Go to data related to your steam account
  6. Go to external funds used
Note this doesn't show how much you paid for steam keys. This only shows what you actually paid for through Steam.

Under the data related to your steam account you can click on the license and you will see everything you activated on your steam account. This includes free stuff. On this page the following means the following
  • Retail = you activated it through a steam key
  • Complementary = that you got it for free
  • Steam Store = you bought it off of Steam
This method was actually shared on Reddit where it received thousands of views and accumulated numerous comments from mortified gamers. Aside from shock, some gamers have also shown denial with one commenter stating “not going to look at that figure. Nope. Not happening.”

Thankfully, not all have the same predicament of spending too much as some claim that the amount they have spent is under just 3-digits only even if they are already on Steam for a decade-long period. Some have even vowed that they will show their result to their significant others to prove that their gaming hobby is not that bad.

It is true that there are worse hobbies out there and while some might be excessively expensive and others are not, as long as you keep in mind that you should not go overboard when doing it, you're all set. And with gaming, whenever you need a reality check, just open your account and remind yourself to limit your spending.