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Aug 14, 2018
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Like a pilgrimage, gamers all around the world set their eyes on the Steam interface on their computer, hoping for a good deal on the games that they've been waiting for. Now, as the more veteran Steam users know that newer games won't be seeing much discounts, and probably no discounts can be seen if it's doing particularly well, which is understandable. But this can cause good games from a couple of years which use to have a hefty price tags slip past your radar as we all tend to obsess on trying to get the newest game in the market. So, here's a list of good games that have a pretty sizable discount that you can get for an awesome gaming experience. We'll have different game genres included in the list.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

Coming first on our list is the show that has managed to offend everyone and everything that exists in our realm of culture. From crude jokes about the SJW movement to the abuse of medical marijuana, there's never a dull moment in the show. And they've amped it up to the a whole new level in the South Park games. Now, there's a good reason to be reasonably suspicious about the game being a good one and to everyone's surprise, the first South Park was a hit. And the next installment to the franchise, South Park: The Fractured But Whole brings fresh gameplay as well as a new narrative that employs the show's unique tone. To be warned, this game isn't for everyone as the nature of the dialogues and the scenarios might be too much. New combat mechanics, new exploration sites, tons of new items and many more improvements from the first game.

Total War: Warhammer 2

As a Total War fan myself, I was skeptical as to the ability for Total War to integrate the Warhammer universe into Total War's unique game format. All doubts went out of the window when I saw the final product. A new Total War game that employs magic and monsters. Spells can be cast and great beasts can be summoned to turn the tide of battles. All in all, the game follows the familiar format or Total War, which includes the campaign and quick battle modes. But being the first game from Total War that is all about the magical and chaotic realm,

Witcher 3

A great game deserves all the money it can get. Now, unlike any other great games out there, Witcher 3 has consistently seen very enticing discounts every time there's a sale. A rather weird phenomenon considering the video gaming landscapes is littered with game developers who are trying to get every single cent out of you in any way they can (we're looking at you and your surprise mechanics, EA). However, CD Projekt Red is known as one of the last ethical and gamer-centric game developers who we the gaming community love. And what's more, every single cent spent on Witcher 3 will be worth it. Hours of content, free DLCs and an open world that is truly a marvel to behold. Witcher 3 is an open world 3rd person adventure game which involves several game mechanics which can be used to engage in various quests and battles that you will come across. So if you've always heard about the Witcher hype, maybe this would be the right time to do it, when the game is currently sitting at more than 60% discount from the original price.

Cities: Skyline

Are you one those gamers who like some level of control and realism to your gaming experience? None of those magical realms and violence. Something you build from scratch. An ecosystem which requires constant modification as it grows bigger. Okay, you know where I'm going with this. (Re)Introducing Cities: Skyline, a game that has brought a whole new updated gameplay to the whole city building genre. By comparison to Sim City 4, this game is a far superior game which makes sense considering the gap when these two games were released. You'll have the additional controls to adjust certain aspects of your city as it grows. You can fix up your roads without making too much of a mess, which always seemed like a problem that I had in Sim City games. The in-game milestone system is lightyears better and the ability to control your budget is a great addition to the game. All in all, the game brings in new mechanics that are made possible with new advances in tech, and I'm not dissing Sim City as it was a great product for its time. But it's also great to see a new addition to this genre. Get this game while its on discount.

Hitman 2

Our favorite emotionally devoid hitman is on the prowl for new targets, and boy oh boy did agent 47 went on a killing spree. Hitman has always been the definition of "any way you want" in terms of completing a mission. I remember I was so confused as to the open world nature of the choices you can make in your actions as to how you would conduct your assassination. From going in guns a blazing which is usually a highly risky move to being a ghost, your presence barely detected and getting in an out without a single shred of suspicion. The game allows gamers to play as they saw fit. Although some strategies are often advantageous than others, the fact that you could do whatever you wanted to do is an astounding development that one can experience in a game. The game was received well by the crowd, just look at the Steam reviews. And the discounts we're getting is tempting as well. Perhaps you need a game that requires finesse and planning before go on your killing spree (silently).

That's a wrap for this short list. It covers big games that came out in the last 2 years, with pretty hefty discount tags, and those tags are worth every cent, based on the game quality you'll get. Did your most waited game get a great discount? What did you get on the Steam Summer Sale? Share with us! And hurry, the sale will end on July 9th!

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