Steam Summer Sale has been leaked with a new twist for the future? PC 

Steam Sales has always been a great thing for us players like to save big in times where our money is not abundant. We would see our favorite games at very low cost which we could not help but buy it so we could already experience what the game has to offer. Although it is not the same Steam Sale that we all grew up to and love, a sale is a sale so with a news that is being leaked, we are ready to pounce on the opportunity to learn the date and earn the dough to buy some games, let's check out the leaked date.

According to the one of the creators of the Steam Database (which is known for the leaks regarding Steam), Pavel Djundik, his Chinese sources have already stated that the Steam Summer Sale will run starting June 25, then after posting the tweet, he reinforced the whole date from June 25th to July 9th. Check out the tweet here.

Having the date known, you can prepare for your favorite games, might as well wishlist those that you already want to have and once it's up, Steam should send you an email regarding the game being on sale, that's the power of Steam's wishlist so, start wishing and wait for the sale. But wait, there is more to this than we first thought.

Remember that Steam Sales always have a gimmick of some sort where they have something that you would be very interested in playing a game? The Christmas one and the Grand Prix are examples of it. Maybe this Summer we'll have something different this time around, why? Simple, another leak has it. Digging deeper, Djundik has found some things that you can speculate to have some sort of reward system for those who have been loyal to Steam, like he said, it can vary to different things, look into this yourself, if you like:

Many of us in the Philippines have used Steam mostly for our games, I rarely hear someone talk about Epic Game Store or GOG but I bet there are those who use those, either way, Steam is having a little surprise for all of us, and rest assured that we will be knowing that when it has been announced soon, so let us wait for what they have in store.


The closer we are to the Steam Sale, the more hyped people are. Despite everything that is happening right now, learn to kick back and relax and maybe play some games, spend moderately however, that is all there is. Would you buy something in the Steam Sales soon? Tell us in the comments below!