Step in the Rainforest with Arknights’ Side Story: The Great Chief Returns and Ceobe’s Fungimist Event

Strategic RPG mobile, Arknights global server is introducing the limited-time Side Story set in a mysterious rainforest. This event brings in new Operators, Outfits, and a Furniture set, rewards like Operator Tomimi and an Outfit for Utage, plus a brand-new rogue-like gameplay event starring Ceobe. It’s time to get into the forest with the event’s lead Operator, Gavial, as this gripping adventure awaits players to join.


Rewards and New Operators for The Great Chief Returns

In the event stage, giant mushrooms are appearing everywhere in the forest, by cleaning them up, players will be able to deploy ranged Operators on these tiles. When the event stage is cleared, players can collect Mechanical Parts to exchange for materials. Headhunting Permit, LMD, limited Furniture pieces and Elite Materials are obtainable as rewards as well.



Operators for this event, a 6-Star Defender - Eunectes, is Gavial’s rival, who has unique talents and skills. One of her talents boosts her SP restoration when she blocks an enemy. Her second skill enables her to stun and block all the enemies. 5-Star Guard - Flint, a low-cost Guard with high Attack Speed. Her first skill increases the damage of her next attack and knocks back the enemies. 5-Star Caster - Tomimi, specializing in single-target attacks who can be acquired for free during this event. Her second ability will trigger a random effect including upgrading her attacks into AOE attacks. 4-Star Sniper - Aciddrop, her second skill increases ATK and her attacks will strike twice.

Dive into the Unknown: Ceobe’s Fungimist

New Integrated Strategies, Ceobe’s Fungimist is open now. In the beginning of the event, Ceobe is consumed by the mist and embarks on a new journey, finding as yet undiscovered treasures. To experience this new roguelike gameplay with Ceobe, each time players will start from scratch with a random collection of Operators to face the unknown enemies and encounter random events of the mist.


In this event, players can obtain Delicious Honey Biscuits by completing adventures. After collecting a certain amount of Biscuits, various rewards will be available, including the highly-anticipated “Summer Flowers” Outfit for Utage. At the halfway point of the event, an unrestricted mode will open. All Squads and Collections in Integrated Strategies will be unlocked for players to experience during this period.


As to the Store, 3 new arrivals of the Coral Coast Collection Outfits for SilverAsh, Ceobe, and Croissant are available now, as well as a new primeval rainforest-themed Furniture set, “Tribal Inn”. Additionally, limited-time re-edition Outfits for Vigna, Ifrit, and Sora are also back in stock in celebration of the new event.

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