Still wonders how powerful Shikigami in Falling Into Your Smile are? Try it out in Onmyoji Arena!

I've been following a Chinese series named Falling Into Your Smile. Something noticeable in this show is that it is a video gamed-themed show with reflections in real world! The game scenes are all delicately produced and highly attractive. As a big fan of both the show and games, I downloaded the same game Onmyoji Arena immediately to look for more!

After me trying it out for a few rounds, I can say that what Onmyoji Arena has is more than beautiful graphics, it also leads in peer mobile games in terms of strategy and operability, which explains why Onmyoji Arena was chosen to be the game featured in the show. In the last game in the show, how outstanding Onmyoji Arena's strategy and operability is was demonstrated vividly in just a little more than ten minutes!

Let's start with strategy. The battle between two sides has been going on since BP. Knowing it is impossible to target at ace players in ACD, two parties decided to deploy BP around MID. There is a total of 6BAN MID, which is a challenging test on both sides' repository of Shikigami. The subsequent choice on MID from both sides also brought direct influences on the rhythm of the whole game. The ZGDX, where the leading actor and actress are located, picked the assassin Onikiri for MID, who is good at capturing in the early stage. Compared with the traditional MID Ootengu selected by YQCB, Onikiri is faster and masters in the linkage between the TOP and the MID. And it turned out to be a smart choice! Under the pressure of the strong connection between the TOP and MID, YQCB was forced to sneak up on Orochi, ending with an impressive fight between Orochi and Yasha and a full victory for ZGDX.

In addition to the smart choices on BP, Onikiri also brought some decisive battles in Onmyoji Arena with a vivid display of its maneuverability. Facing with opponent who intended to finish the game with one end, Tongyao used Onikiri, the powerful assassin Shikigami with outstanding ability in damages, for a triple kill. The show didn't include the full battle, therefore I asked a Superstar in Onmyoji for professional interpretation. According to him, Tongyao maneuvered two serial moves (33A221A) in no time, combining with the main skill and direct damages, achieved an explosive combo attack. After seeing the smooth maneuver of Onikiri in the show, I was also enticed to try it myself. What I forget is, no ceiling in maneuver also means more challenges in maneuver. This Shikigami is a little bit of my league, and I would probably end with beating to death by others if I insist on playing Onikiri. Never mind, I will try an easier one, but you guys could give it a shot!

The showdown at the end of the show between the two ADC is absolutely wonderful. Hakurou and Chin are also the two extremes of Rangers. Hakurou enjoys the farthest range that could be used to repel the enemy, while Chin has the strongest explosive power and the 2-second-invincible ability. How to bring out the maximum damage at close range? How to kite your opponent? Admiring the wonderful game brough about by ace shooters in the distance control, damage calculation and the timing of launching skills, we have to applaud for the dedicated design in strategies and maneuver of Onmyoji Arena.

There are battles among Onmyoji everywhere in Onmyoji Arena. Wanna try out your understanding of the game? Wanna know your limits in game? Come and join us in the journey of Onmyoji Arena!

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