Story-driven Adventure Game with Burtonesque Art and Classic Music Dr. Chatelet: Faith is Coming Soon. Android 


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Jun 7, 2022
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Kiki Tan
Loongcheer game cooperated with MuccyGames to develop a unique story-driven indie game with the game Dr. Chatelet: Faith as an early access game soon.

The game is an immersive Visual Novel & Interactive story-driven adventure game with some medical knowledge of the middle ages. Let’s preview more details of the game.

Story of the game

The main character is Dr.Chatele who graduated from medical school and firmly believed in the correctness of traditional medicine. Dr.Chatele was promoted quickly due to his extraordinary talent and diligence. However, with the accumulation of experience, he has witnessed many situations that cannot be explained by traditional medical theories, such as the unprovoked death of patients and the inability of stopping bleeding. In the conflict with the medical reformist, Dr.Chatelet also learned some new knowledge at variance with the traditional medicine, such as microorganisms, disinfection, and clamps to stop bleeding. All of that was a big shock to him who insisted on the tradition.

Which rode he will go, it’s up to you. You will be the Dr.Chatele to make a series of choices. Your choices will decide the trends and end of the story. Are you will be a Healing hand or a Killing hand?

A story-driven adventure game with multiple endings

The story happened in the middle ages. What you need to do is make your decisions to push the development of the plot. You will face so many choices during the journey which will affect your career as a doctor. The final of the game depends on you. And there are so many characters awaiting you to start a mysterious experience with them.

Three mini Treatment gameplays

There are three mini treatment games. Bloodletting Treatment, Amputation, Medicine configuration. You will have a chance to experience absurd medical means in medieval times. They are totally different from the current medical treatment. Play these mini-games to get the certificate with a certain EXP to unlock more achievements. Through the development of the plot, you can obtain new medical knowledge, which will make these mini-games different from before in some aspects. Such as disinfecting instruments with alcohol before operating.

Unique Burtonesque art feature and Famous Classical music BGM

The unique art and classic music will bring you into an immersive game experience.

The game has a fun hand-drawn art style. The strong sense of line and the big eyes build unique characters. With the nifty and dark colour matching, it creates an overall gloomy and depressing atmosphere of society under the rule of traditional medicine. This kind of art style shows the unique classical feature of that era. And with the Famous Classical music BGM, you can feel up and down moments of the plot more directly.

There are more features in the game to be introduced. Such as the equipment system, achievement system, collection system, etc.