Street Fighter 5's New Stage

Street Fighter 5 has a new stage which was revealed by Capcom named "Skies of Honor", this is one of the most dynamic stage that is available in the game giving two fighters to work on their problems on the wings of an airplane. Please take note that this is a moving background that may irritate players or cause a little bit of distraction. It may be that the stage is banned in high-profile tournaments, as the Kanzuki Beach stage is, Skies of Honor is available now for either 70,000 Fight Money or $3.99.

On November 7, Capcom announced Akuma will be the next character to join Street Fighter 5. A teaser video shown during the event also revealed another new stage. This one is a rainy backdrop with a dilapidated temple in the distance. Akuma will be playable at PlayStation Experience, which takes place at the Anaheim Convention Center on December 3 and 4. Capcom has not yet announced a release date for Akuma.

source via gamespot

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