Street Fighter: Duel is the first mobile RPG of the Street Fighter franchise that’s now available to pre-register on Android and iOS devices

A PLUS Japan will be giving a new look and experience of the well-known Street Fighter as they will release the first-ever mobile RPG of the franchise, Street Fighter: Duel. The game has already started its pre-registration back in January 31st of this year and it is available on the App Store and Google Play.

street fighter duel.jpg

The game supports several languages such as English, French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese. Currently, the game is now available to pre-register in a large portion of Europe, the Middle East, and many other non-English speaking regions.

The game features a game mechanic that allows you to enhance your roster, which will then level them up. The famous stages of the game, such as the airport, bathhouse, night scene, etc. will also be returning in Street Fighter: Duel.

street fighter duel1.jpg

And to make the game more enjoyable to play on mobile, the visual effects were improved as well as the realism and vividness of the stages were enhanced. The game types like character training and arena have also been adapted to mobile.

street fighter duel3.jpg

Key Features:
  • Explore the Story, Enjoy the Fighters' World
An astonishing conspiracy is about to be revealed! Join Ryu and Ken on their journey to the Fighting Tournament, and take this adventure. Clear the missions, and become the strongest!
  • Click, and Get Loads of Rewards
Busy with work or school? Don't you worry! Leave it to the auto-mode, and collect rewards easily! All you need to do is to dispatch your best fighters, and wait for the victory!
  • QTE Combo With Cool Ultimates
Attack with Hadoken, Shoryuken, and all the classic combos, and finish the enemies with fancy ultimates! In the showdown among the strongest, victory or defeat is decided in one instant!
  • Climb to The Top in Various Game Modes
There are PVP, PVE, and many other game modes. Dispatch your fighters wisely, rank up in the Arena, and become the strongest!
  • Train, Fight, and K.O.
The beloved Fighters of the series are here for you to recruit! Team them up strategically to achieve the best outcome, and defeat the enemies.