Street Fighter kicks its way into Mobile Games!

Hadouken! A lot of pinoy gamers are probably familiar with this phrase when we were growing up. Street fighter has always been a classic game here in our country, originating from the "piso-piso" arcades that we used to play in when we were young.

"Oy may piso ka pa?"
Now, one of the classic games is coming into the mobile platform too! Tencent recently announced that they will be partnering up wit Japanese company, Capcom to bring one of the OG fighting games into the mobile screen.

Not a lot of information is available for the game. From what we can gather, the game seems to be a fighting game (obviously) that we all love. A lot of the old characters like Ryu, Ken, and Chunli will be playable characters.

But there is a new element added to the game. It seems like you need to choose three characters and equip them with specific skills to play missions that are available on the map. There are bosses that you will fight and it seems to be a turn based game. There also seems to be a equipment system in the game. Footage of the game is hard to find, but here is one.

It is a curious approach on the classic fighting game and I for one is excited for the release of this game. Mostly because MOBAS and Battle Royale games are saturating the mobile game market. As of now, there are no talks about the global release of the game, but pre-registration for players in China has already begun.

What do you think of the game? Watch out for updates about this game here in our site!