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    [StrikerZ] Philippine Community Server
    No sign-up required, absolutely free to play.

    Website: http://strikerz.servegame.com

    Server Features:
    • Premium 128-Tick Servers
    • Fiber optic network powered
    • 32GB RAM & Overclocked Intel i7 4790k

    Game Features:
    • Server Ranking System (ELO) (Learn More)
    • Leaderboards (View)
    • Matchmaking Rating
    • Server Store
    • VIP

    Current active server game modes:
    • Retake
    • 1v1 Arena

    Future available game modes:
    • Surf
    • Bhop
    • Zombie Mod

    Server IP Addresses:
    • Retake #1 Server IP: strikerz.servegame.com:27016
    • Retake #2 Server IP: strikerz.servegame.com:27017
    • Retake #3 Server IP: strikerz.servegame.com:27018
    • 1v1 Arena #1 Server IP: strikerz.servegame.com:27019
    • 1v1 Arena #2 Server IP: strikerz.servegame.com:27037

    Player experience estimates*:
    PLDT Fibr users will get an estimated of 3ms - 10ms ping.
    Globe Fiber users will get an estimated of 7ms - 15ms ping.
    Converge users will get an estimated of 5ms - 12ms ping.
    PLDT DSL users will get an estimated of 14ms - 40ms ping.
    Globe DSL users will get an estimated of 20ms - 50ms ping.
    Any ISP with LTE connectivity will get an estimated of 30ms - 90ms ping.
    Any ISP with 3G connectivity will get an estimated of 70ms ping and above.

    *These estimates will vary depending on users' internet connectivity and network activity. There are many factors affecting the connection.

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