Stumble Guys: Multiplayer Royale a Fallguys clone for Mobile Android 

When a game is popular, expect copies of the game spawning it up. It can be cheap rip-offs or inspirations that can innovate the genre by bringing something new to the table. Now, while the idea of that can be very subjective for different people. Some will ignore it if it means that they can experience it now than wait for a long time to play the one that started it.

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In the end, the players win if they find whichever they like as enjoyable, we are here to play games after all. Thus, let us talk about an upcoming game that might interest those who like to play one of the recent trends today.

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Stumble Guys is a game created by Kitka Games is a mobile game that takes inspiration from the popular game right now that is Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Both games have the objective to pass through an obstacle test together with a lot of different players and reach the finish line within a certain quota to proceed to the next game.

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The setup is hilariously fun as you traverse the course and try to outsmart and be the best player to win first place which can be tough, considering the number of players in the game.

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Stumble Guys have a lot of things going for them and it can be great as long as you enjoy a fun time with a lot of people, expect these things in the game:
  • Run & Dash & Slide past opponents
  • Dodge oncoming obstacles
  • Battle Royale real multiplayer
  • Colorful and crazy in design
  • Comically Physical
  • Many customization options
  • Tons of hilarious fails
While we know that Fall Guys are coming on mobile soon if you want a fun time with a game like this on mobile. You can give Stumble Guys a chance. I remember playing a Wipeout game on mobile back then so seeing this brings back memories. I, for one, am open to these types of games if it can give access to a lot of people in various game genres.

Are you planning the give Stumble Guys a chance? Check its Google Play Store page to try it out! Join the Stumble Guys discussion and hope we see you taking the champion in the game, soon!


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Aug 31, 2023
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Aima John
Stumble guys is a great game to play for fun. I am playing this game from a year and I love every thing of this game and I highly recommend this stumble guys mod menu to everyone.