Submit Video Gameplay


Mar 4, 2015
Want your gameplay video to get featured? you can submit them to us by posting the gameplay url and video below this thread or you can private message us at our main facebook page this will then be showcased on our groups and other social platforms. Not all video sent to us are featured as we review them on the following criteria:
  • Video Quality - if the video sent to us have lower quality or is lagging (framerate issues) it will most probably be declined. Additionally demo that are not in video format will be declined.
  • Audio Quality - some videos have either very loud or no audion at all resulting on gameplay not to be featured
  • Bad Effects - not all effects are good too much might make your content look good in your perspective but not for all
  • Songs - use of songs sometimes result on copyright and we may get in trouble since we dont have the license to use them
  • Entertainment - a video doesn't have to showcase skill it can be funny or cringe as long as its entertaining
  • Length - You dont have to send us the whole play through that last hours as we will mostly select the video based from the highlight moment. This is variable based on the game for example a csgo round is acceptable whole a moba round last longer so highlights are preferred.
Good Videos
  • The clip must have a standard resolution like 720p or 1080p without the left and right black bars with 30 to 60fps frame rates
  • Raw gameplay, videos with no effects or filters will most likely be featured
  • Dont use songs, as mentioned we dont want to get any copyright issues from using songs without license. So the raw audio will suffice.
  • We only require video format for the gameplay so if you submit a demo or non playable format will probably ignore it.
  • Fun and entertaining gameplay
How to submit?
You must directly message our facebook page with the gameplay video url via direct url, facebook ( pls make sure the account and video are set to public), filesharing or youtube.You can also send us using filesharing sites like dropbox, onedrive, box and more.

You can also post the video gameplay below this thread post.

How do i record my gameplay?
You can record the gameplay via the following softwares OBS, xSplit, Fraps, Bandicam, GeForce experience (Nvidia users only) and more

Why is my video not yet featured?
We receive several daily request for a gameplay video to be featured and all are added on a review queue.

Other reason is the clip didn't make the cut for several reasons, low quality video or audio, to much effects, frame rate issues, or isn't just that interesting.

Want to guest stream?
Yes we do guest streaming via facebook live, we will create a token for you to be used, kindly let us know the schedule and game to be played. Also you will need to fill up this form:

Stream Time:
Credit Link:

Note: We prefer OBS or xSplit or other services that supports Facebook Page Live stream.

Am I credited?
Yes! we will credit the video by saying who submitted as well as try to tag you in the content however if the Facebook profile is private or limited to friends we wont to tag you.

If the video have intro or outro we will have to remove them so the clips will be standard with the rest.

By submitting videos you certify that as the rights holder for this video, or that have the express permission of the rights holder to submit this video to for publishing on web and social properties.

Note: For more inquiries kindly post below.