Subverse, Razer Toaster, Ragnarok Dawnbreak, LoL Battle Academia backlash, and more


Mar 4, 2015
Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Lets talk the kickstarter funding of Subverse, Ragnarok Dawnbreak, Razer Toaster officially being created, League of Legends Battle Academia Backlash, Sekiro Manga, Nexon selling to Disney, and finally Saints Row Live Action Movie

  • The space waifu game Subverse passed 1.6 Million euros on kickstarter at the time of this writing
  • so apparently there are alot of players who want this game, as their initial goal was only 129k usd
  • To those who don't know subverse is an adult oriented tactical RPG shooter hybrid which sounds like mass effect
  • but we won't know until we see an actual gameplay
  • which will be demonetized for sure
  • So far there are 4 waifus namely Gemi a robot, Lily a doctor, Kilision a pirate warlord, and fortune a cyber criminal
  • You will also have space ship called Mary Celeste and like Mass Effect you can explore the galaxy
  • and since its adult themed
  • alam nyo na
  • this is not for kids as there will be graphic scenes intendedly only for mature audience
  • you know the birds and the bees
  • which is according to the developer fully consensual

Nexon Disney

  • Do you know Nexon? the game publisher of game titles like Maplestory, Archeage and more
  • well apparently the owner wants to sell the company
  • and one its prospects is Disney
  • according to the reports Nexon chairman Kim Jung-ju was looking to sell 98% of the shares of the company where he reportedly approached Disney for a deal
  • However this was declined according to a follow up report
  • following this news Nexon’s stock drops by 8.3%
  • however there still other companies reportedly going to bid
  • because some of them are Kakao, Netmarble and even Tencent
  • So who do you think will be the buy the company now that disney is out of the picture?

Razer Toaster

  • This is no longer a joke
  • Razer Toaster is confirmed to be happen
  • because recently in a recent facebook post the razer ceo Min Lian Tan has officially confirmed that this will indeed happen
  • he also added that he will be putting together a team of designers and engineers to make this happen
  • however he also added it will take a few years but they will share the progress along the way
  • this happened because of the community which urged razer to make the product
  • actually the requirement was if razer toaster tattoos get 1 million likes, which indeed happened
  • then finally he ended the post with the quote “A Razer Toaster For Razer Toaster Lovers. By Razer Toaster Lovers”
  • So what do you think? our only concern is hopefully it won't overheat!

LoL Battle Academia
  • In the recent PBE update we got a preview of the upcoming skins which are themed battle academia
  • the set will include skins for Ezreal, Lux, Katarina, Graves, Jayce and the upcoming support hero Yuumi
  • actually lux is even getting a prestige battle academia skin
  • majority of the fan reactions are positive however not all are happy
  • because some fans reddit said that only popular champions are getting skins
  • here is what a fan said “Pretty sad how Riot doesn't give a single shit about skins anymore and just treat them as an easy cash grab.”
  • this is basically true since it will get the more people to buy the new skins if the champion is popular to begin with
  • but what do you think which champion should get a new skin?

Sekiro Manga

  • The game Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is getting a manga adaptation
  • infact its set release by the end of may which will be supervised by FromSoftware
  • the mange will be titled Sekiro Gaiden: Shinazu Hanbei,or Sekiro Side-Story: Hanbei the Undying
  • The manga will be created by Shin Yamamoto who also did the Monster Hunter Flash Hunter artwork
  • the mange will be based on the Sengoku Era according to Yen Press

Saints Row Live Action
  • In a recent news reporte the director of the Fate of the Furious and Outta Compton F.Gary Gray is developing to direct a Saints Row Movie according to deadline
  • To those who don't know Saints Row is an action adventure video game which is similar to GTA however Saints Row has more over the top humor
  • actually their focus is more on laughter
  • we highly recommend you play this game
  • unfortunately there aren't much details on the movie so we have no idea where it will be set
  • hopefully they don't start on saints row 4 which was literally out of this world

Ragnarok Dawnbreak

  • Another Ragnarok game for mobile called Ragnarok DawnBreak is getting ready for launch
  • the game is a collaboration between Ragnarok Online and Dawnbreak so don't be surprised of the similarities
  • for example the game will have a third person and more action oriented with challenging dungeons and boss
  • According to the developers the game will have a Japanese Anime Style 3d with character dubbing of famous Japanese Actors and Actress
  • so baka makarining kayo ng Yamete
  • If you are interested the game is currently on pre registration its also unknown if the game is already localized in english


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May 13, 2019
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The Razer Toaster is the only news I have heard about and finally, it's happening! It took them years to get those number of likes, most people thought it was just a joke.