Summer Festivities Continue with Special Events in Black Desert SEA

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    Pearl Abyss announced today that the summer festivities will continue in Black Desert SEA. A number of special events offering great rewards and item giveaways are now available for Adventurers.


    The traveling Golden Troupe has returned to the world of Black Desert. Adventurers who defeat monsters will get valuable Golden Imp Coins while those who complete certain Challenges or special quests will get Golden Troupe Coins. Golden Troupe Coins can be exchanged for various items such as an Advice of Valks or a Shakatu's Shiny Box.

    The summer festivities will also be celebrated by the "Chillin' Time Challenge", a special item giveaway scheduled to last until July 15. Depending on their playtime, Adventurers who login during the event period can claim items such as a High-Quality Draught Box or an Item Collection Increase Scroll.

    Furthermore, Pearl Abyss has officially opened its online store known as the "Pearl Abyss Store." The store will offer fans across the globe access to exclusive game merchandise. To celebrate the opening, the merchandise will be offered at a discounted price of up to 50% for 2 weeks. A game coupon will also be given to those who complete purchases.

    Seoul, South Korea, July 1, 2020

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