Summer Outfits of Genshin Impact’s Jean and Barbara has now been revealed in a teaser video

Genshin Impact’s Barbara and Jean have showcased their unique Summer outfits that was shown in the official teaser released by miHoYo.


To obtain these outfits, players need to go through a Character Outfit shop. Expect that this will cost a bit more of Genesis Crystals. The outfits won’t be gone after the Midsummer Island Adventure event and will stay in the Character outfit shop, however if players won’t get these outfits during the event, they will pay it in full price compared that if these outfits were both when the event is still ongoing then they will receive a discount.

With Jean’s outfit, players can buy it for 1,350 Genesis Crystals during the Midsummer event. After the event is done on June 28, the outfit can be bought by then for 1,680 Genesis Crystals. With Barbara’s Summer outfit, players can get her’s by participating in Echoing Tales event, then they could get Barbara’s outfit for free. In the Echoing Tales event, players will need to collect a certain amount of Echoing Conches to get the outfit for free. After the event ends, Barbara’s outfit will be at the same price of Jean’s outfit which costs 1,680 Genesis Crystals.

The Midsummer Island Adventure event has already started last June 9 and will last up to June 28. The event has barely started so there is still a lot of time to obtain these unique outfits. Good luck, Travelers!